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Although action was calm Sunday night, protesters were on the move in Ferguson, anticipating a non-indictment decision from the Grand Jury investigation into the police shooting of Michael Brown. Protesters told Rebelpundit, “This is Obama’s Katrina and he ain’t doin’ sh!t.”

When asked how they feel about their elected officials in general, the protesters said, “Most of em, f*%k em. They’re not helping us….Democrats don’t mean sh!t.”

“They say their Democrats, but they’re Republicans,” they said, highlighting a common view among most Americans, that neither major political party represents the interests of the people.

**Video contains graphic language.**

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  1. Mary

    Why is it that the only way Democrats can be criticized is to lump them with Rebpublicans? When talking about President Obama, any criticism that I have heard is always linked with,”He is no different than Bush, they are all the same!” There is an inability to call a spade a spade so to speak. No pun intended. This is part of the problem. Incompetence is no respector of color.

  2. SafeTea

    Lol! That’s because his hatred for whites is outweighed only by his indifference towards blacks and browns.

  3. Sparrow

    This young woman speaks the truth. Obama could have eliminated all of the protesting by simply declaring that he would look into seeing about federal charges being brought up in this matter and other related matters but NO when one reporter tried to ask him, he fled the podium. I saw that! ‘United, peaceful but passionately declare: NO MORE……..’ —Anonymous. Katrina, 2014

  4. Timothy W Lucas

    After bringing Al Sharpton to the White house (8) times it is not in Obama’s interest to stop it since he is through Al Sharpton the one that organized it. Do you think for one moment Al Sharpton could manage this or doesn’t this look like the work of a community organizer. They hope to encourage riot’s and unrest of which radical’s such as Obama intend to make use of the crisis. They never let a crisis go to waste. So, explains all of the purchase’s of ammunition and weapons by every department in government. Martial law will be put into effect and you can thank the pawns in the Michael Brown death.

  5. Shan

    Absolutely not true…he told everyone not to act a fool. Clearly you did not listen because you are acting a fool and only further proving ghetto ignorance & stereotypes.


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