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During last nights protest actions in Ferguson, MO, a black protester went off on a communist agitator. In the video you can see and hear the black protester yelling in the midst of riot police sound canons.

It isn’t exactly clear what the protester was yelling at the communist, but it sounds like he is saying, “we are peaceful, man we got to live here, you don’t live here, you get the f@*K out of here!”

It is clear from watching live stream footage of the protests there is a large contingent of communist and anarchist activists creating violent situations in Ferguson to draw a disproportionate response from police for more graphic media coverage and attention.

Gateway Pundit broke the video:

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  1. rnot

    I think that the person who wrote this little article needs to go and review what anarchy and what communism mean. They are not the same. It is the same sort of thing that I hear on our hollyweirdo movies and TV, and medias, they do not know the difference between the two ideologies OR are trying to blur those differences. I actually think that the hollyweirdos are trying to confuse people on them on purpose while making out like they are morally superior when in fact they are more closely related to the commie/Marxist, and more recently useful idiots for islam, ideologies. Those are actually much more similar than anarchy is to communism.


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