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Why is right of center media silent on this Ferguson bombshell?

The lead paragraph of the article published four days ago on the popular website The Smoking Gun says it all:

The grand jury witness who testified that she saw Michael Brown pummel a cop before charging at him “like a football player, head down,” is a troubled, bipolar Missouri woman with a criminal past who has a history of making racist remarks and once insinuated herself into another high-profile St. Louis criminal case with claims that police eventually dismissed as a “complete fabrication,” The Smoking Gun has learned.

The article goes into great detail about Sandy McElroy aka Witness 40, including documentary evidence of troubling racist statements made by her, her history of false claims in other high profile cases and the fact that she wasn’t near the scene of the Michael Brown shooting. The story is well documented and reported. As TSG says:

TSG examined criminal, civil, matrimonial, and bankruptcy court records, as well as online postings and comments to unmask McElroy as “Witness 40,” the fabulist whose grand jury testimony and law enforcement interviews are deserving of multi-count perjury indictments.

The fact that McElroy was even called as a Grand Jury witness in the Michael Brown shooting seems to indicate that the prosecution didn’t want to indict police officer Darren Wilson. After all, in a Grand Jury proceeding the prosecution is making their case without rebuttal. If the goal was an indictment, the testimony of McElroy did nothing at all to help the case against Wilson and yet…

Despite an abundance of red flags, state prosecutors put McElroy in front of the Ferguson grand jury the day after her meeting with the federal officials. After the 12-member panel listened to a tape of her interview conducted at the FBI office, McElroy appeared and, under oath, regaled the jurors with her eyewitness claims.

Read the whole story yourself.

The highly detailed reporting makes it clear that protestors who felt that prosecutors weren’t trying to indict Officer Wilson may have a valid point and that the failure to indict was intentional.

However, if you read right of center or conservative media like Fox News, or other sources you would know nothing about the Smoking Gun exposé on McElroy at all. It’s as though the story doesn’t exist.

One of the only references I could find was a tweet by conservative writer Dan Reihl on his personal Twitter account.

Fox News even used Witness 40 as proof that the non-indictment was proper, since McElroy’s testimony corroborated Officer Wilson’s. However, the new evidence that McElroy was called as a witness despite the obvious flaws in her story doesn’t fit the Fox News narrative and would be embarrassing to the media that who tried the case in the court of public opinion.

So it’s like it never happened.

Media bias is wrong no matter who does it. The Left has proven their bias time and again. New media pioneer Andrew Breitbart wanted to build an alternative to the Left’s lies…but conservative media he helped build has suffered after his death by countering Leftist narratives with their own false narratives from time to time.

How ever you feel about Ferguson, people deserve the truth, not just another narrative.

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  1. Linda Nitzschke

    I guess this is why they interviewed many witnesses and did as much forensic work/autopsies as they did. Never a good situation when you try to rely on one single thread of a story when trying to figure out what really happened.

  2. InRussetShadows

    *scratching head* Uh, so what? Wilson wasn’t acquitted on the testimony of one person. There was a lot of witnesses, forensic evidence, and video. Unless you’re prepared to argue that the entire case hinged on her account (which 600+ pages of transcript would argue against on the face of it), you don’t have anything newsworthy.

    It’s like you’ve never heard of the Conservative Treehouse and the bang-up job they did on the entire case. Here’s just one example of their reporting:

  3. Paul Schmehl

    Since you engaged me on Twitter, I’ll respond here as well.

    1) This “story” reads for all the world like you are desperately trying to establish your bona fides with the left. (Hey, look at me. I can criticize Fox News!)

    2) Witness 40 was not the only witness who was not there. Witness 22 wasn’t either, and her story supported the “hands up” meme.

    3) From the moment Mike Brown was shot, this was a high profile, emotionally charged case. It was clear that a refusal to indict would not be looked upon with favor. So the prosecutor did what most prosecutors will do in such circumstances; he punted the case to a grand jury. Given the totality of the evidence, it was obvious that Officer Wilson acted lawfully, but, just like in the Trayvon Martin case, the crowd wanted blood. (In that case, the prosecutor, unethically, decided to placate the mob by indicting Zimmerman when the evidence was clear that there was no probable cause for the indictment.) So, the prosecutor presented every witness, every statement, every piece of forensic evidence that he could, including multiple lying witnesses, some of who were not even there, in the desperate hope that he could then argue that the outcome was proper because nothing was ignored. That was foolish, obviously, because the mob cried for justice, the facts be damned. But that’s what political people do – look for any cover they can find to say, “It wasn’t me. The grand jurors saw everything, and they didn’t indict.”

    4) Witness 40’s testimony doesn’t change one iota of the physical evidence. Michael Brown’s DNA was on Officer Wilson’s shirt, trousers and gun. His blood was on Officer Wilson’s car. His blood was found 48 feet east of where his body fell. The shell casings from Officer Wilson’s gun were found east of and beside his body. Multiple witnesses stated that something was going on at Officer Wilson’s car. The evidence proves that Brown had his hand on Wilson’s gun. It also proves he moved west 48 feet from the point where a bleeding wound dripped on the ground. (West was in the direction of Wilson’s car and where Wilson was in relation to Brown.) It also proves that Wilson was backing up as he was firing. What else do you need to know?

  4. Bill Ransom

    Thank goodness the physical evidence as well as numerous witnesses backed Wilson’s version. Jackasses act like the case hinged on this kook.

  5. SCOTT

    The Left simply will not and cannot let this go. If a white police officer shoots a black youth. The facts matter little to the left. The officer automatically acted wrong, is racist, and lives to shoot black kids and put the black man down. This is their mind set. It makes them happy to feel that way, and those feelings reinforce themselves when incidents such as this occur. Whether it is the black ‘race-baiters’ like Al Sharpton, or the ‘White Guilt’ ridden white liberals, they wish upon a star every day for something like this to happen so they can ‘bang their race-card drums,’ placate their own laziness and unwillingness to show initiative toward achieving success. After all, how hard is it to sit around all day browsing left wing, America hating Websites to reinforce their own justification for hatred toward those not like them and their own laziness.
    But oh how these folks love to profit from issues such as these if they can. $4.5 million in back-taxes Al Sharpton, really??? If it weren’t for a racist, black AG, Sharpton would, and should be in Jail.
    He should also repay those merchants in Ferguson whose businesses his thugs destroyed for no reason other than in their own minds, ‘ they could’.
    As for the author of this piece…. Really…… You ignore ALL the evidence presented and think you are impressing people with a ‘GOTCHA’ piece on one, meaningless witness??? If you saw a video of Michael Brown shooting Wilson twice, then Wilson returning fire while Brown had stopped to reload to finish Wilson off, that STILL would not convince you Brown was wrong. If you want to a ‘one-way’ ticket to Zimbabwe, I will buy….!! Is it a deal ??? I doubt it. You likely would not even be allowed to write such an article there would you now my boy?

  6. Jesse

    Here is the :lie: Mike Brown was not a child . He he was not a kid. He was a man. He was not unarmed. By his size he was a dangerous weapon. His mindset was a thug. That made him dangerous. He was not a ” Gentle Giant ” He was a bully and his mindset was what is yours is mine and he’d use what ever means to get what he wanted even oppose a police officer. Mike Brown already got his justice. THE protesters were trying to start a race war by using fists and molitov cocktail explosives, Shot off weapons. broke windows , committed arson and looted and yelled hate epitaphs and more people were shot, and some people were killed. Who are the evil son -of- guns now ? Who hollered to kill cops and other people ? Those people need to be charged.

  7. William K Lee

    It never ends! The doubt! The double standards! The hypocrisy! And the lengths some people will go to! Can’t wait till this is old news!!!!


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