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At a press conference on Saturday night held outside the Chicago Police Department, Pierre Curry, who lost a son last year, described what has been like to now lose his second child and first born daughter to murder in the violence ravaged city.

Curry’s daughter Jasmine, a pregnant mother of five, was shot on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Before breaking into tears Curry asked for prayers, he said he first felt hate, and now confusion. Curry however never questions the actions of God in his remarks, rather, still giving thanks for God sending supporters his way to help get through this time.

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  1. Skeena73

    If that don’t tear at your heart you’re not human, The problem is this situation didn’t start yesterday and the corrupt politicians didn’t do a damn thing to avoid it and it’s probably not stoppable now. STOP VOTING DEMOCRAT folks, that will be a start.


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