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Getting tired of #OccupyChicago yet?

Have you wondered who’s behind the #OccupyChicago protests? Who are the people getting arrested and why?

Here’s some outstanding coverage of what is going on behind the scenes in the “occupy movement,” from the street, with a very clear picture of the radical underworld of union organizing.

And yet again, another story completely missed by the main stream media.

H/T: FoundingBloggers

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    I don’t trust any union that says affiliate AFL-CIO, NEA, SEIU. All are riddled with communist symphatizers, marxist-leninist communist party and Lisa Fithian Bitch and her cohorts are nothing but thugs. New York Times are friends of the communist and downplay that Fithian is just an organizer. How stupid this people are. Behaving like the Sub-Humans of Eastern Europe of the cold war. I’ll never have my daughter going to a radical extremist pinko commie fag teacher. To me it’s like sending your child to a HITLER YOUTH RALLY and the YOUNG COMMUNIST LEAGUE is similar to that. SUB HUMANS ARE FORBIDDEN IN MY AREA including Communist CHINA and North Korea, Iran etc.

  2. Tony F.

    Rick Santelli, Your reply to Mr. Llamas comment proves that it would do you much good if you would learn from USA history what justified anger can do.


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