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This is why everyone needs to become a citizen journalist. This how screwed we are!

Project Veritas uncovers massive voter fraud by posing as dead people and getting ballots to vote in the New Hampshire Primary.

Whose blood is boiling!

H/T: James O’Keefe

[vsw id=”9-uVhhIlPk0″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

3 Responses

  1. chase

    How could this fly? No ID = No vote. Who is reponsible for running the NH primary?

  2. Johnny "Stanford" Davis (from Gateway Pundit)

    This video doesn’t show anything! New Hampshire doesn’t have voter ID laws, so they aren’t supposed to ask for IDs. None of those people who died who were named in the video actually voted. That video doesn’t show any evidence of voter fraud.

    If Mr. O’Keeefe wanted to show evidence of voter registration fraud, he should have mentioned ACORN, which was involved in massive voter registration fraud in 2008.

  3. chase

    They didnt follow through due to it being illegal but could have very easily. Gotta show ID to register to vote right? why not have to show it at the poll? Sure fire way to stop it even if it isn’t happening.


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