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Just another “ordinary-American” friend of Barack Obama and Rep. Jan Schakowsky violently attacks a citizen journalist at Occupy San Diego.

H/T: Breitbart

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    • Mostafa

      Just in case it is not clear to anyone who is lonkiog to donate to OSD, I was there since October 5, the march on October 7, I pitched a tent in Freedom Plaza on October 9, and was at the first finance committee meeting and there everyday as it was formed. Pat B., myself, and a few others met everyday at 4 PM for over a month to make that committee something everyone associated with OSD could count (no pun intended) on.You should also know that the very week of 100 years of free speech was marked in The Occupy San Diego GA failed to pass a proposal after at least 3 meetings. At the last meeting the proposal failed to reach 90% consensus. A group of 25 to 40 people became so outraged that they decided to leave Occupy San Diego. This group now meets at Childrens Park and calls itself OSD. It suspended protocol and violated OSD process. In an act of anger and aggression a vote was called and all those who were opposed were physically and verbally intimidated into letting that illegitimate action pass. Those are the facts. Until further notice (the name of this site) is now my place to blog. There are groups of people who have left OSD for many reasons. Many no longer recognize the group in Children’s Park as having any authority. Many are planning meetings. I am one of those people. I will be blogging on my experience here on this site.


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