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William J Kelly, Republican candidate for Chicago Mayor, said that Emanuel’s opposition to the Second Amendment has resulted in increased violence in the city. Communities Digital News reported on Kelly’s comments in an interview on Newsmax.

“Whose fault is it that a police department in one of the largest cities in American cannot bring this gun violence under control? Is it a mayor that is simply unwilling to do certain things? Is it a federal government and an attorney general that seem more interested in other parts of the country? There has to be a reason why,” Berliner questioned.

“Sadly the reason is very, very obvious and it’s right under our nose. The current mayor, Rahm Emanuel, is the most anti-Second Amendment politicians in the country and we’ve seen the effect of that wrong-headed philosophy or ideology in the streets of Chicago,” Kelly said.

Kelly also contends that the media, both local and nationally, is covering for Emanuel. The media has reported the drop in homicides, but not the increase in aggravated battery. There is also a question of the reclassification of violent crimes.

An audit by Chicago’s Inspector General and a series of incriminating reports in Chicago Magazine have raised questions about the Emanuel Administration’s reclassification of violent offenses.

One case in-point involves the death investigation of 20 year-old Tiara Groves, whose bloated and rotting corpse was found bound and gagged to a chair in an abandoned warehouse. Groves’ death had been classified as a homicide until December 18th when Lt. Denis Walsh, who was overseeing the case, reclassified it as a noncriminal death investigation.

Kelly also pointed to Emanuel’s broken promise to put more cops on the street.

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