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Hilary Gowins of the Huffington Post recently penned an article about the lack of opportunities in Chicago for blacks. She narrowed in on public education being the culprit.

Part of what’s driving this disparity in income and employment is the fact that so many in Illinois’ black community are trapped in a public education system that is failing to prepare them to succeed.

In the 2011-2012 school year, just 68 percent of black students graduated on time from Illinois’ public school system, compared to 82 percent of the total student population.

The lack of a good education then leads to what some call the school to prison pipeline. However, she provides little in the way of root causes or solutions to the problem. She doesn’t address the core issue of Chicago being a main hub for the Mexican drug cartels, which has been a major factor in the violence. Chicago being in the heart of the US and being a sanctuary city has made it an excellent target for the cartels. A DEA agent in Chicago explained the problem in a 2012 interview with the Blaze.

Because of Chicago’s location in the heart of the United States, its large Mexican population and its abundance of street gang activity, drug cartels have designated the city as one of its main hubs of operation in America, Riley told TheBlaze in an exclusive interview. Inevitably, the increasing presence of cartels has also contributed to the Windy City’s skyrocketing violent crime rates, the DEA boss revealed.

“My opinion is, right now, a number of the Mexican cartels are probably the most organized, well-funded, vicious criminal organizations that we’ve ever seen,” said Riley.

But the media doesn’t report on it.

However, the influence of drug cartels is seemingly overlooked repeatedly by the media when it reports on Chicago’s crime rate and rampant drug-related violence.

The drug cartels are also ignored by Chicago Alderman.


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  1. Liz

    The new movie has been released about Gary Webb and his book “Dark Alliance”. I am shocked that it is completely lost then on Chicago officials, or maybe not since the CIA has been rumored and in some cases exposed as having real ties to drug operations in the US. I hear there was a bumper opium crop in Afghanistan. Could some be headed for the streets of Chicago?

    … Oh, where’s Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton on this one? Is Al till busy making a red revolution in Ferguson?

    Oh yeah it’s just cause we need more common core, that will fix Chicago, ‘school choice’. Uh huh.


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