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Dontre Hamilton’s family gathers today in the park where he was shot 14 times by Milwaukee cop, Christopher Manney six months ago. Despite multiple investigations, and the firing of Manney, they have not been told if he will face criminal charges.

The Houston Chronicle reports the family is asking that those charges be filed and more training for officers in dealing with mentally ill individuals.

Now the family wants more: criminal charges for the officer, and improvements in the way mentally ill people — Hamilton had schizophrenia — are treated by police and social service programs.

“They messed with the wrong family. … I’m not going to back down,” said Nate Hamilton, Dontre Hamilton’s brother.

Hamilton’s family participated in a vigil days after his April 30 death but then said little publicly as they waited out an investigation into the shooting. They wanted details about what happened and the officer disciplined. They were frustrated months later, when protests erupted in Ferguson following the shooting of a black 18-year-old, Michael Brown, by a white officer.

Through their attorney, the family sent out a press release outlining the facts and expressing the frustration that they still have not been given any evidence to support the claims by Manney that Hamilton attacked him.

As of today — six months after the fatal shooting – the family has been provided no evidence supporting Christopher Manney’s claims of an alleged vicious attack by Mr. Hamilton. No documents or information have yet been made available relating to:

  • Photographic substantiation of any of Christopher Manney’s alleged injuries to his head, face, neck, shoulders, chest or back, the areas claimed to have been struck by Dontre’s fists and the wooden baton.

  • Medical record substantiation of any of Christopher Manney’s alleged injuries.

The Milwaukee Police Union is taking a no confidence vote today on Chief Ed Flynn for his firing of Manney.


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