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The following video shows an incident occurring in the streets of Chicago between Chicago Police and black residents. One white officer can be seen slamming a black woman into a car while arresting her. The same officer goes on to threaten the arrests more people for standing in the street before he flat out punches one of the citizens in the face.

Just before the officer throws the punch, he pulls out his baton, and appears to be holding it in the same fist that he threw the punch with.

RebelPundit has been unable to confirm the officer’s name and when the event took place. However the video first hit Facebook on Thursday and is now on YouTube via the Danielle Phillips channel.

This video provides an alarming glimpse at the reality between the Chicago Police Department and the community they are sworn to protect.

**Note: There does not appear to be any black police officers on the scene.

**Warning: Graphic language and content. The blow from the cop comes at the 1:13 mark in the clip.

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  1. Oink Trotters

    Why do idiots think it’s okay to crowd around and debate police who are trying to do their job? They were taking control of an unruly crowd. He most likely said something he shouldn’t have and then started to pull away. Resisted arrest. Had to be taken down.

    • Jester

      Idiots don’t think. Anyone with half a brain would give cops a wide berth these days and just let em do their job, unless they are blatantly hurting someone for no reason, and then well take your chances.

      • Michael White

        well said.
        These idiots are doing no service by taunting the police with vulgarity . The police on the other hand can still be civilized and arrest without having to assault people. Video shows what not to do on both sides.

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