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Even as poorer American communities struggles to find jobs exacerbated by an economy which includes tens of millions of illegal aliens, Rebel Pundit has learned that a powerful and connected non-citizen skirted immigration law repeatedly despite multiple convictions for violent crimes.

Cedomir (Chad) Zuric was arrested on March 25, 2014 by Cook County, Illinois authorities for a 2008 warrant after he fell $555,876.00 behind on his child support, but Zuric’s past due child support is only the beginning of his criminal history.

In 1989, Zuric was convicted of domestic assault in Palm Beach County, for an incident with the same woman, Millie Zuric, to whom he failed to pay any child support.

Zuric was also involved in an altercation with a police officer and convicted for assault on an officer of the peace.

Despite these two incidents Zuric has lived legally in the USA since the late 1980s as a permanent legal-resident alien.

According to Gail Montenegro, ICE Public Affairs Officer for Illinois, Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) did attempt to have his green card revoked in 2004 following his two convictions, but an immigration judge reinstated it.

“After attempting to re-enter the United States in September 2004, Cedomir Zuric was placed into removal proceedings by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) due to his previous criminal convictions.” Montenegro said. “A federal immigration judge granted him cancellation of removal in June 2006, allowing him to retain his status as a permanent resident. In view of this judgment, and as a current U.S. permanent resident, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) currently has no immigration enforcement jurisdiction over Mr. Zuric.”

After the arrest warrant for unpaid child support which was issued in 2008, Zuric disappeared, however according to a series of Facebook and Instagram postings Zuric popped up in his native Montenegro no later than 2011 living large, with a number of his photos taken at lavish resorts in Montenegro as well as in vacations spots throughout Europe.

Zuric also started at least one business called Quadra Company from Montenegro in 2010, according to public records.

Prior to leaving for his native Montenegro, Zuric, along with his brother Branislav (Branko) Zuric, owned a number of construction companies in Chicago.

In 2009, Carol Marin of the local NBC affiliate reported on their construction company, Golden Hands Construction, in which Marin exposed that the construction company gave money to a series of aldermen who then approved zoning changes which benefitted construction projects of the company.

Rogers Park Bench, a local micro-blog, highlighted Zuric’s connection to one local alderman, Joe Moore of the 49th Ward, after his warrant was initially issued and noted the cynicism of taking campaign contributions for a local project while suggesting the alderman knew he was behind on his child support.

“Moore abused his office by accepting $14,500 from a dead-beat dad posing as a real estate developer in exchange for Moore’s support for a lucrative zoning change and the demolition of the former Adelphi Theater, all the while knowing full well the beneficiary owed $400,000 in child support payments.

Meanwhile, Zuric’s ex-wife was living a much less extravagant lifestyle in Florida and in 2006 she posted a warning on Facebook that her ex-husband would soon leave the country.

“It’s not about Chad Zuric’s financial problems but about his ability to lie to the State of Florida, his three daughters, and the citizens of Chicago. This man is building a house in Montenegro and it’s bigger than the White House in Washington D.C,” Millie Zuric said in this Facebook post. “You watch he will build the condos and he won’t pay back the banks or anyone he owes but instead he will run and live in Montenegro.”

His brother is currently the subject of six foreclosure cases in Chicago, including a number which arose from projects he did with his brother. Zuric was arrested at the condominium owned by his brother.

He was released hours after being taken in, after posting a $23,462.24 cash bond, according to several local news reports which covered his arrest.

Despite this, Zuric claimed to be impoverished at his next court hearing, April 3, when he claimed to be a painter making $12 per hour, and also told the judge he no longer had a valid passport, according to Chris Fogarty, a Chicago retiree who was in the court room that day.

Though the judge confronted Zuric with several of the photos from Europe he posted, he was never asked to explain how he exited and entered the country, Fogarty added.

Fogarty said he was also surprised Zuric was never forced to explain how he kept a valid green card despite leaving the USA for years at a time.

“The lack of rigor in the courtroom was shocking,” Fogarty said.

Zuric has been represented in this matter by John Ostojic the Chicago law firm Ostojic and Cutter, who did not return a voice mail from Rebel Pundit

Jessica Vaughan, a policy analyst with the Center for Immigration Studies, told Rebel Pundit that it would be quite easy for someone like Zuric to leave the USA unnoticed because there is no functioning exit system to flag individuals with outstanding warrants or criminal records.

Vaughan said, “A Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) inspector definitely should have seen the warrant from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), and would have notified CCSO.  Depending on where Zuric entered, they might even have put him in ICE detention until the CCSO picked him up.  But, if CCSO said, don’t bother, release him, that’s what CBP would have done.”

“If Zuric had been out of the country for so long, then CBP should not have let him back in without a re-entry permit, assuming that CBP could tell how long he was out,” Vaughan explained. “And, I don’t believe he could have gotten a re-entry permit with an outstanding warrant on his record.  They check that before issuing any immigration permits.  So, either CBP made a mistake or Zuric used false documents of some kind to mask how long he had been out of the country.”

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office told Rebel Pundit that Customs and Border Patrol never notified them of Zuric’s re-entry following his 2008 warrant.

An email to Customs and Border Patrol was left unreturned.

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    Thanks for covering this.It’s been said the ettamise from the police helicopter was 70,000 but they were told they could only say 35,000.Plebgate seems to be a complex scam aimed at dispiriting the police during the festive’ season. Christmas for coppers often means no time with the family, a heavy workload dealing with stupid drunks and an increase in fatal road traffic collisions.Life is simple if you don’t look too deep.


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