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Thanks to the David Horowitz Freedom Center for this video.

[vsw id=”Nn0oTtvq-Yw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

H/T: Glenn Beck

3 Responses

  1. Playdaracecard

    What is it with all the Anti Semitic references of Obama? That corrupt govt still gets my tax dollars. Yeah they are suffering.

    This site use to be good, but now its a joke. You Play the Race Card just like the Liberals. If you really want to prove your loyalty to Israel and the wars, you would sign up for the military.

    But no you sit on your ass making videos and labeling others as Anti Semites. Talk about hypocrisy. Its getting old Jeremy. Most Israelis dont want with Iran or even like Bibi. You are just as brainwashed as any Obama supporter.

    If you really to prove your loyalty, go fight in the wars and stop wanting Americans to die for your beliefs. That is truly a coward.

    Use to be a fan, but all you do is play the race card. No one is more Anti Israeli than the Israel govt. From the ringworm tests in the 60s on Sephardic jews and for war mongering with Iran which most sane Israelis dont want. If you want it, fine, go fight for em. Us sane people will try to leave in peace.

  2. S. Wolf

    Thanks for posting this, RebelPundit. Everyone needs to know what a Jew hating racist Obama or whatever his real name is.


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