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Today voters in Wisconsin go to the polls to cast their votes for six recalled elected officials: Governor Scott Walker, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and four state senators.

In an interview with Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch spoke about how recall is being abused by the union bosses who selected Wisconsin as the epicenter of a nationwide battle over who controls governnent: the people or union bosses.

Democratic operatives–minus one BIG Obama exception–have descended on the state where they know they must exert maximum influence to ensure this referendum on fiscal sanity and government by the people does not undermine their special interests.

Wisconsin residents didn’t ask for their state to be turned into a battleground, but it is in the heart of the midwest where everyday hardworking Americans are fighting for a paycheck that we turn to people to dig deep like the first Americans did. Rejecting the recall will mean saying no to special interest thuggery, and saying yes to individual responsibility, character in our elected officials, and care for future generations of Americans.

At a rally on Saturday, Congressman Paul Ryan said, “Courage is on the ballot on Tuesday. The whole country is watching….”

The left knows this.

The “Reverend” Jesse Jackson traveled to Wisconsin, bringing the chant-like repetitive speaking that Occupy has come to be known for (aren’t they embarassed to be so overtly sheeplike?) to Wisconsin Sunday evening:

Courage is on the ballot today, and it couldn’t be in better hands than in the people of Wisconsin.

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