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Up until two years ago, Ted Taupier didn’t spend much time thinking about the meaning of his first, second, eighth, and fourteenth amendment rights, but as he’s watched all those rights disappear along with his parental rights, Taupier tells RebelPundit he’s had a first hand look at the cruelty of an unchecked and unaccountable court system.

Taupier said his problems started when months after he and his wife, Tanya Taupier, decided to file for divorce in September 2012, and she hired a criminal defense attorney Chris Morano in early 2013, even though Taupier’s ex-wife wasn’t involved in any criminal matters at the time.

Morano gained a reputation about a decade earlier by successfully prosecuting Michael Skakel for the 1976 murder of Martha Moxley. That prosecution has since been overturned.

Morano didn’t respond to a phone call for comment at his office.

Taupier was arrested on a voyeurism charge on May 22, 2013. The arrest occurred, Taupier told RebelPundit, after Morano reached out to Barbara Hoffman, the Prosecuting Attorney in Middletown, Connecticut.

“I have the evidence; I’ve seen the evidence; this guy needs to be arrested.” Morano said to Hoffman.

But Hoffman never saw any physical evidence prior to making the arrest, and the charge is based entirely on a video Taupier made with the consent of his wife giving her a massage, when he considered becoming a professional masseuse.

More than a year later, the charges are left open though prosecutors haven’t followed through and no trial date has yet been scheduled, despite Taupier’s constitutional right to a speedy trial.

The damage to Taupier’s reputation had already been done as his arrest was covered throughout the media in Connecticut. Taupier had never even had a speeding or parking ticket prior to the arrest.

“It’s a defamation campaign,” Ted Taupier said to RebelPundit, of the arrest and subsequent media attention. He said that he lost out on a number of job opportunities after prospective employers found his arrest on-line.

Hoffman didn’t respond to an email for comment.

Taupier said it was the first in a series of actions in which Connecticut’s law enforcement was used as a weapon by his wife in their divorce.

Taupier said his constitutional rights were also violated when his wife’s attorney suggested that, because he took his kids to a bill signing at the state capitol he wasn’t acting in his children’s best interest in a contempt of court motion filed on August 22, 2014 by Tanya Taupier’s divorce attorney, Geraldine Ficarro.

“Two days after a long admonishment on the records by Judge Bozutto, the Defendant used the children as props for a photo opportunity regarding a legislator to advance her legislative efforts regarding Guardians ad Litem.”

This particular motion was telegraphed by statements made by the family court Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto on June 18, 2014.

“It was brought to my attention by the supervisor that there was some communication to the Family Relation’s officer who’s doing this that injected some of the politics that’s been going on outside this courthouse into this case; I can’t allow that.

“I can’t allow Taupier vs Taupier to be politicized. I can’t allow that.”

Ted Taupier said all this refers to a bill signing for Connecticut Senate Bill 494, which “makes changes to Connecticut’s family court system related to guardians ad litem (GALs) appointed by courts for minor children,” according to Gonzalez’s website.

Gonzalez, a Democratic State Senator, has become an advocate for family court reform in Connecticut and her pressure led to the creation of the Connecticut Task Force for Child Custody and Welfare which delivered a scathing report in February 2014 finding top to bottom corruption in Connecticut’s family court system and the Guardian ad Litem system in particular.

A Hartford Courant article on the matter quoted Gonzalez.

”The problem is so bad and the corruption is so bad that elected officials tend not to maybe believe it,” Gonzalez said, adding that she (does) not think guardians ad litem even belong in the family courts.

Taupier said he has become close to Gonzalez and even testified at the task force hearings and took his kids to the bill signing for this reason.

The judge ordered a hearing on the motion, which Ted Taupier said is inherent approval of its merits, even though taking your children to a bill signing would fall under basic constitutional principles of free speech and association.

Judge Bazzuto, Tanya Taupier, or her divorce attorney didn’t respond to emails for comment for this story.

Taupier said his first amendment rights were further violated when he was arrested for making terroristic threats against Judge Bazzuto on August 22, 2014.

The arrest stemmed from an email he sent to a group of aggrieved parents on August 29, 2014 in which he detailed all the things he felt the judge had done wrong in his case along with an homage to Charlton Heston’s screed in favor of the 2nd amendment.

“They can steal my kids from my cold dead bleeding cordite filled fists…as my 60 round mag falls to the floor and I’m dying as I change out of my 30 round mag.”

One of the recipients of the email, Jennifer Verraneault, forwarded the email to Linda Allard of the Greater Hartford Legal Aid Society. Allard called the head of Judicial Marshalls, Brian Clemens.

Emails to Allard and Verranneault were left unreturned.

This triggered an investigation and on August 29, 2014, the Connecticut State Police arrested Ted Taupier and charged him with threatening in the first degree and harassment in the second degree.

Taupier was given a cash bond of $35,000, meaning he needed to come up with 100% in order to bail himself out.

With family providing him with bail money, Taupier left prison the next morning.

The arraignment, which was originally set for September 12, 2014, was pushed up to September 2, 2014 only after Taupier posted bond.

At that arraignment, the judge added another $40,000 to the bond, and Taupier was taken back into custody until his family came up with the rest and he was released the next morning.

The State of Connecticut would generally ask for $75,000 for defendants accused of violent crimes or sexual assaults meaning an argument could be made that his excessive bail violated Taupier’s eighth amendment rights against cruel and unusual punishment which includes excessive bail.

Taupier was also fitted for an ankle monitoring bracelet and given house arrest, which continues to this day. Judging him a risk to society, the judge also ordered the removal of all of Taupier’s firearms, and the effective violation of his second amendment rights.

All of this was done even though prosecutors appear to know the charge against Taupier is dubious.

“”He (Taupier) didn’t really threaten her (the judge)” Brenda Hans, the prosecutor in charge, said in the Middleburg, Connecticut Court House, to a colleague on November 5, 2014. “He had guns at home.”

The conversation was relayed to RebelPundit by a citizen who was in the courthouse but asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. Hans didn’t respond to an email for comment.

At around the same time, Tanya Taupier employed the Cromwell Connecticut Police Department to forcibly remove Taupier’s kids from school in the middle of their first day.

According to Ted Taupier, his son had been bullied at the school he attended the previous year and as a result he enrolled both his kids in an elementary school near his home.

But a court order bound both parents to enroll the kids in the school his son had been bullied in. Ted Taupier told RebelPundit that he’d cleared the move with his ex-wife, but the accuracy of that statement is a part

When his ex-wife found out, her lawyer called for an ex-parte emergency hearing and arguing that her kids were in immediate danger in their new school got Judge Buzzuto to sign an emergency order which allowed the police to come and forcibly take them out of school.

Ted Taupier filmed the exchange and placed it on You Tube.

Alisha Mathers is Ted Taupier’s divorce attorney and has been since shortly after these events.

“Ted (Taupier) was wrong.” Mathers told RebelPundit of the manner in which he enrolled his kids in school but added. “It (the emergency order to remove his kids) is ridiculous.”

Mathers told RebelPundit that in general ex parte motions are frowned up in most courts because the violate the basic right of an accused facing their accuser, and they are used only in emergency situations where someone’s life or physical safety is in danger.

Having someone’s children not go to the school they want should not be a reason for allowing an ex-parte motion, Mathers added.

An ex-parte motion or hearing is a legal proceeding brought by one person in the absence of and without representation or notification of other parties and is supposed to be limited by the fifth and fourteenth amendments which provide due process of the law.

“They (his ex-wife’s legal team) should have filed a contempt of court order.” Mathers added. “And they would have won (on the contempt of court order).”

Worse than that, the first dubious ex-parte motion led to a second ex-parte hearing where Judge Buzutto limited Ted Taupier’s parental rights stating, “He flagrantly violates court orders.”

He allowed Ted Taupier to see his kids in a pre-approved state run facility at his expense, however this effectively means Taupier can’t see his kids because he’s currently under house arrest and not allowed to leave his house.

Taupier said he hasn’t seen his children since the day in the parking lot when police forcibly removed them from school.

Taupier’s legal troubles weren’t over. On September 8, 2014, Geographical Area 09 issued a criminal protective order against Ted Taupier based on the original voyeurism charge, though the criminal case has stalled and voyeurism is not one of the offenses under Connecticut domestic violence laws which would trigger a protective order.

On October 24, 2014, the State of Connecticut said as much in a brief filed in Judicial District of Middleburg.

“(I)t’s evident that despite the fact that Tanya Taupier is the victim of the voyeurism case, those crimes don’t meet the definition of ‘family violence’ or ‘family violence’ crimes. Additionally, she’s not a victim in the threatening case involving Judge Bozzuto and all of the provisions outlining protective orders pertain to the victim, his or her ‘family or household member’.”

Though the brief has been filed, the protective order hasn’t been lifted as of the publication of this article. Taupier said he wasn’t even allowed to vote on November 4, 2014, because he wasn’t allowed out of his house.

Though his ex-wife claimed that both their kids were being “psychologically harmed” by attending the school chosen by Taupier according to an email from the children’s current therapist, the children are in crisis at the school chosen by the mother.

“When they first returned, there were concerns about the new crises, the separation from you and acting out by (Taupier’s son) at school — some aggressive talk which is extremely unusual for him.     As I’ve told you before, neither of them like to directly talk about the family conflicts (that is too intense for them).  Currently this is seriously symptomatic but that does not mean they are not impacted by the actions and conflicts,” said Nancy Eisworth, their current therapist, in an email to Taupier on October 10, 2014.

Taupier tells RebelPundit that in the last two years he’s met hundreds of folks, both male and female, also victims of corrupt family court proceedings, and he believes there is a silent epidemic of parents having their parental rights all across America by cruel and corrupt family courts.

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  1. Alan Ernesto Phillips

    In California, we have the largest Judiciary on planet Earth. Conventional thinking could safely say that an element of greedy or evil corruption, collusion or sociopathy occurs in every state. As such, the comparative margins of “evil” could be in our state. When our Judiciary appoints a panel of esteemed fellows (SEC) to recommend improvements, and that body strongly admonished the Chief and non-democratized Judicial Council to reform its way – and it does not; when multitudes of Protective Parents lose everything they own – including their children – to the highly lucrative Family Law/CPS/Foster Care Industries… one can only say, you cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore. The “it” happened to me and mine too:

  2. Dana Chester

    I wonder how Aetna leadership feels about one of their elite, being one of the major player in ruining her own children future. This women Tanya is sick, mental ill …for doing this and being a primary driver in this illegal paid for decision corruption in CT family courts. The CT Judiciary should be ashamed of themselves for being this corrupt and this brazen to actually violating laws of this land in the Constitution State. What a joke ….

  3. Sara Burns

    The casualties in CT court are crimes against humanity and should be tried in HAG or tribunal. The misuse of police also rampant – just need to make a call – LIE — and your ex wife or husband could go to jail. There needs to be jail time for people that misuse the system. I attended a cermony Governor Malloy presented Representative Minnie Gonzalez’ an award from CT Court Reform. There were many children there, whose parents, grandparents, friends and concerned citizens have worked hard for truth and justice to be restored to these broken systems. Minnie is correct: GALs have no business in family court. We need to follow those states and countries that have eliminated these for profit individuals from families’ lives, and more importantly, childrens lives. They’re unconstitutional.

  4. RICO

    We know that an unregistered, subregulatory corporation has been running through the CT judicial branch for over 30 years, with member and directors in all positions of administration, from grant-writing, program administration, and even regulation and oversight. We know the judges and professionals they appoint onto cases they preside over are tied in profitable business relationships. We know that numerous CT agencies, departments, and branches (DCF, DOC, judicial, and others) are beholden to an agreement to collude in order to fix case outcomes to maximize funding over all other factors, including constitutional rights, due process, and human rights. We know that judges are deliberately placing children in the most dangerous homes available to them, including violent pedophiles and murderers, in order to generate endless billing hours for their business partner lawyers, evaluators, and treaters, all of whom judges are appointing in the first place.

    We know that many judges have non-profits that contract with the judicial branch, some even list a business address in their chambers. We know that hundreds of millions of dollars are running through EACH of some of these non-profits per year. We know that the Office of Inspector General audited some official judicial accounts in 2010 and found $13million missing and unaccounted for.

    What we DON’T know is where the everloving hell DOJ is in this obvious case of RICO fraud.

  5. Roger

    Exactly. Children who grow up in safe homes don’t need years of therapy or state intervention programs.

  6. Angelica

    This poor man is an outstanding father who has become victim of the corrupt family court system of CT. What mother would traumatize her own children by pulling them out of the school that they were well adjusted in.? And then add to the trauma by removing them by police? Divorce is trauma. These children were traumatized even further by an abusing mother who was supported by a corrupt family court system. God bless them all. Another sad tragedy in Connecticut. When will it ever stop?–

  7. Sally Smile

    This is a horrific story, this so called mother has no business even having access to the children, POLICE IN THE FIRST FEW HOURS OF THEIR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ?? Why would a supposed… well balanced individual think this is the correct thing to do ? Is the Judge telling her this is okay ? Are the Cromwell police saying this is okay ? Since we all now know who her divorce attorney is and seeing her case load and background, Geri Ficarra is a side show at best. This “SO-CALLED” mother and Aetna executive : Tanya Taupier needs to go to jail for child abuse. Aetna Should be ashamed of having hired this idiot. Also – who hires a divorce attorney and a criminal attorney at the same time – she is systematically destroying the children with the help of corrupt judges and lawyers. No child should have to be this abused by a malignant sociopath parent, what about their rights to liberty and happiness and their Father…. Is this a divorce court or BEYOND THUNDERDOME ?

    • D Chester

      tanya taupier a.k.a tanya packard sleeps with anytying that moves. she went to the police with her own pictures of her OWNSELF and showed her OWN photos of her naked self and were never posted by her then-husband ted taupier.

      Who does that??

  8. Dana Chester

    Trial Up-Date: Edward Taupier Email – never sent an email to a Judge, there is no evidence he was even in the state when the Yahoo account sent the email. The fact is the police never wanted to collect computer forensic information related to the alleged crime is highly suspect; they the CT State Police were there to steal his GUNS, not investigate a crime. The Civil Risk Warrant was issued and then dismissed, no criminal search and seizure warrant ever issued? ..but not before the police took illegal photos in Mr. Taupier‘s home without a search and seizure warrant. TRP Andrew Katrenya admitted he had no probable cause to arrest him on the stand and did not even know where the IP Address connected to the email until October 2 2014. Yet Mr. Taupier was arrested and incarcerated on August 29th

    The CT State police admitted they sought no evidence of the email threat crime, they were just there to arrest him and “grab his Guns” on retaliation for the alleged email to a CT Family Court Judge (Elizabeth Bozzuto) because the judge took it personal, once she learned of the protected political speech which was originally sent by Linda Allard who actually sent the threat to the Judge.

    Linda Allard is a DCF court vendor for the Greater Hartford legal aid org. and a life time DCF adoption lawyer who has adopted 9 children as a single mother; she is now lobbing for a judicial appointment. (She is looking to be a Judge in Family Court of CT). Linda’s accomplice Jennifer Verraneault ( the co-sender of the email threat to the Judge which has yet to be determined from anyone) , founder – Family Court Consultants LLC with her business partner and live-in boyfriend Jerry Mastrangelo (Master Jell-O) who two weeks earlier stared a family court mediation business without a law degree or any college education where she is looking to leverage this arrest to win favor as a preferred business with the CT Family Court system.

  9. Dana

    This is a devious tactic of an unstable and a VIOLENT woman TANYA Taupier PACKARD, the mother of these two children.
    An AETNA employee concern:
    TANYA Taupier PACKARD insists on being called “TAN-ee-ya” and not “TAWN-ee-ya” because she is a RACIST – Tanya Packard SAID that she does NOT want to be called TAWNya because that name pronunciation is associated with being a black woman.

    TANYA Taupier PACKARD is a racists, narcissist, and a slut-whore who works for AETNA insurance company has a Human Resources employee.

  10. MickeyG

    Family court is equity court, there you have no legal rights (constitution does not play), you only have equitable rights, basically meaning what ever the judge thinks. Do not file for divorce, and always challenge the jurisdiction of equity (family court). If you did not file, and did not cheat, then your opponent does not have clean hands for wanting to end the marriage without cause (clean hands doctrine). You must challenge with special appearance using these reasons.


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