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In another case of police brutality caught on video, an Enfield, Connecticut cop was fired for the incident, but claimed he would have been justified in using more force. The Hartford Courant reports he made the statement during the internal affairs investigation.

The officer fired last week for punching a suspect several times while the man was on the ground told internal affairs investigators that he felt “he used less force” than could have been used to make the arrest at the town boat launch last April.

Graphic video of the incident can be seen here.

“It may not look that way now but that’s why I chose it. Matthew Worden told internal affairs investigators. “He was still out of control, nothing was controlled on him.”

Worden claimed that the suspect, Mark Maher took a swing at another officer, but the video from the dashboard camera doesn’t show that. The Hartford State’s Attorney refused an arrest warrant submitted by the police department for charges against Worden. Two others officers have been suspended.

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