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Conservative radio host Vicki McKenna revealed that she received an email from a longtime listener Wednesday morning notifying her that McKenna’s name and address appeared on a recall petition for Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker.

We had a chance to meet Vicki in outside of Governor Walker’s office with Andrew Breitbart during the Tax Day Tea Party Rally last April. reports:

MADISON — It’s hard to imagine Madison conservative radio talk show queen Vicki McKenna’s name on a petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker, but apparently her signature has made the list.

Not by her hand, McKenna told Wisconsin Reporter on Wednesday, but by an imposter fraudulently using her name in a recall campaign she despises.

And the alleged imposter, the talk show host said, brings to light what she sees as the broader integrity concerns in a politically charged process that has passions running high on both sides of the divide.

HotAir reports that United Wisconsin had announced earlier this week that they have already collected over 300,000 signatures in the recall effort.

It’s not a surprise Mckenna’s name stood out on the petition, but how many other names are on those forms that are unrecognizable and will pass through without being questioned? Are the unions and democrats leading this recall effort just going through the phone book and signing the petitions for people?

“It’s one of those things. I’m special, so they’re going to catch my name. But what about Joe Williams or the random Bob Smith whose name written down? He doesn’t have talk show,” McKenna said.

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