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Have you seen any of these sticky notes yet? Sticky notes are starting to turn up at the pump, in protest of rising prices.

via: Chicago Conservative Examer:

Like most drivers, Karen Hayes of Palos Heights, Illinois is concerned about the high price of gasoline. She filled up yesterday at the station outside her local Dominick’s grocery store where gas was selling for $4.319 per gallon. She picked this station because they gave her a discount of ten cents per gallon for purchasing $50 worth of groceries. At a net of price of $4.219 she felt like she had uncovered a real bargain – a nearby Shell station was selling regular unleaded for $4.399.

Before driving away, however, she followed the example of thousands of other Americans and scribbled a message on a sticky-note which she applied to the pump on the way out. It read: “HOW’S THAT ‘HOPE & CHANGE’ WORKING OUT FOR YOU?”

There is also a facebook page now calling for a nation wide sticky note protest this Monday. Some are even posting these notes in banks and grocery stores.

As of this writing, The ‘Hope and Change’ Sticky Note Campaign now has over 7,000 “Attending.”  More importantly, however, well over 50,000 invitations have been sent out by Facebook users eager to share this idea with their friends.

See the full story here: Gas pains fuel sticky-note protests at the pump – Chicago Conservative |

Photo by Karen Hayes.

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