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While dropping from last year’s number three spot, Rahm Emanuel’s murderous city still remains in the top five American cities to visit, according to Condé Nast Traveler.

The windy city earned the number five spot in Condé Nast’s “Readers’ Choice Awards,” and is summarized as follows:

The “terrific architecture” and “great ethnic food” help make Chicago a must-visit city… The restaurants, skyscrapers, museums, and waterfront all add up to a “perfect city for solo, friend, family, or romantic getaways.”

Condé Nast’s ranking for Chicago highlights what some have begun referring to as “a tale of two cities,” due to the disparity that exists between the city’s ritzy-glitzy, downtown-tourist haven and the stray-bullet-flying, drug cartel controlled streets that require “safe passage zones” for children to get to school on the south and west sides.

Thanks to the city’s 506 murders in 2012, Chicago has officially become the country’s murder capital, leading even New York, despite roughly one third of the Big Apple’s population, according to the FBI.

Life for many Chicago residents has become so terrifying; it is now being called “Chi-raq.” A play on words between Chicago and Iraq, referring to how deadly the streets have become for thousands of innocent victims.

Reports of Mexican drug cartels “running the streets,” are now making into mainstream press. And residents’ pleas for assistance from city hall have fallen on deaf ears. At a recent public safety hearing, one city councilwoman laughed about the current violence plaguing her constituents’ community.

In every country around the world, there are beautiful places for the touring one percent to lull the days away in the lap of luxury. But only those willing to venture away from the fancy meals, beaches, and museums for a more authentic experience are the travelers. It seems the latter did not participate in Condé Nast’s tourist ranking of Chicago.

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  1. g55rumpy

    she must have missed the thugs are invading the “city’s ritzy-glitzy, downtown-tourist haven”


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