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If ever there was an anachronistic boogeyman, communism is it. Since its heyday in the 50’s, the fear of communism has steadily lost most of its McCarthy era bite. For many, the fall of the Soviet Union closed the case on communism as a failed ideology. But if recent events in Ferguson are any indication, communist revolutionaries are still alive and well in the USA.

The scenes of violence coming out of Ferguson have inundated the news. But what most people don’t know is that communist groups from around the country have been traveling to Ferguson, Missouri in order to incite that violence. Groups such as the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Revolution Club of Chicago have been sighted among the Ferguson protestors, and arrest records indicate that agitators from Texas to New York are participating in violence.

– They hijack media coverage of Ferguson and are use it to gain visibility
– They use the original Ferguson protestors as cover for their revolutionary agenda
– They are responsible for inciting violence against the police, ie. Death Threats, Molotov Cocktails

These outsiders have no ties to the Ferguson community. They have no interest in finding out what really happened to Michael Brown or for seeing justice served. They are opportunistic parasites drawn to the spotlight and bent on advancing their own agenda. And, like many parasites, they do not care if their host lives or dies, as long as they are able to use it long enough to grow and reproduce.

In this case, they have already started killing their host – the protesters of Ferguson – by damaging their credibility. Hypocrisy is the death of legitimacy. You can’t protest against smoking while smoking a cigarette. You can’t protest against drinking while drinking a beer. And you definitely can’t protest against violence while committing violence. At least, not if you want people to take you seriously. Even Nelly and TI agree on that.

And yet, this is exactly how the communists are making the protestors of Ferguson look. The result? They are helping to shift the narrative against the very people they claim they have come to help.

Remember the first days of the protest? The images of a militarized police force firing tear gas at journalists and protestors in an effort to clear the streets. Those scenes were broadcast non-stop around the world. And that initial police response – heavily armed cops in combat uniforms suppressing protestors with armored vehicles – was widely criticized by observers as heavy handed.

But then the looting started. The communists arrived. And people started lobbing Molotov cocktails at the police. All of a sudden, it was the people, not the police, who seemed out of control. Confronted with the image of an angry mob throwing bombs at police, many people started to think that perhaps the force was necessary; that a military response was appropriate; that maybe the police hadn’t over-reacted after all.

But what many of those people did not realize was that much of the violence they were seeing was being incited and carried out by parties from OUTSIDE of Ferguson. People that didn’t live there, didn’t know or care about Michael Brown, and didn’t care whether justice was served or not.

Under the guise of solidarity, these provocateurs attempted to hijack the Ferguson protests, infiltrate the protest movement, and turn it violent, to the detriment of everyone. Well, everyone but them.

And, to some degree, they were successful. However, just as the residents of Ferguson rallied against police violence, some have started responding to these agitators, telling them in no uncertain terms to “Get the F#CK out of here!

Given the history of fringe groups and their relationships with government agencies, conspiracy theorists could have a field day debating who benefits most from the orchestrated escalation of violence. One thing is certain: the people who benefit least are the people of Ferguson, and anyone interested in conducting an honest dialogue about the events that transpired.

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    • Mister #Bossy ® ‏

      U.S. is NOT a Democracy; it’s a Constitutional Republic. (see Section4, Article 4, of U.S. Constitution). The First Amendment allows the right of “peaceable assembly,” not riots and calamity.

      • Aba

        If the US is not a democracy, why they teach democracy other countries???

      • Aba

        You are not free from 1907 when you sold your economical independence for the last time with creation of FRS and IRS

      • Sard

        Can’t argue with that. I’ve been calling for the repeal of the 16th Amendment (income tax) and the 17th Amendment, and abolishing the Fed, for a long time. But USA is not the only major power with a central banking problem.

  1. Mister #Bossy ® ‏

    Recommended read: Blacklisted by History by M. Stanton Evans. McCarthy was right. (Search: VENONA)


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