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The Communist Party USA is hard at work to gain your support. Unlike most people think, a socialist revolution does not require a violent coup to take form and gain ground. Today’s communist party is calling up with a friendly voice and a smile to tell you all about the wonderful world of collectivism you can be a part of. Have you liked the CPUSA on Facebook?

H/T: P/OED Patriot

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Here is the latest Communist Party USA CPUSA recruiting video. Notice all of the Union posters and even an SEIU screen saver. This should be no surprise since the CPUSA requires its members to join a Union. But few unions have embraced the Communist cause as much as the AFL-CIO, from allowing the Communists to use their union halls for events to giving high ranking AFL-CIO members awards, the AFL-CIO has taken the slogan “Solidarity” literally. Here are screen shots of some of the Union paraphernalia around the Communist Office:



via The P/Oed Patriot: Hi, Im a volunteer with the Communist Party, USA!.

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