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CPAC Chicago is off to a strong start. The crowds are energized and the protesters out front – allegedly members of Occupy Barrington – number approximately five.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was one of the first keynote speakers. The Governor – a favorite among conservatives for his blunt, no BS attitude and his willingness to take on public sector employees – had the crowds jumping to their feet on numerous occasions, applauding his conservative ideals and bold style of governing.

After detailing his successful bid to balance New Jersey’s budget without raising taxes, Christie focused on how the hurdles he faced in New Jersey mirror those on the national level and encouraged conservatives to band together over the next few months to vote Obama out of office.

He went on to say, “The job of a governor, the job of a leader, the job of a president is to get the people in the room and to bang enough heads together and rub enough arms and cajole enough to have them put the country’s and the states’ greater interests ahead of their own personal partisan interests. That’s what we did in New Jersey and that’s the model for America.”

Christie attacked Obama’s speech – made just hours earlier – during which the President said that the economy is faltering, in part, because state and local government hiring is going in the wrong direction. Appalled gasps from the crowd ensued.

Christie then hit home with his audience, saying, “Now that I’m Governor, people say to me, is New Jersey the worst tax state in America? And I say oh, no. Every night I hit my knees and thank God for Gov. Quinn and Gov. Brown of California. Because as long as they’re in charge, we won’t be number one.”

He ended by hammering home the fact that America is at a dangerous precipice, and if we do not make the right decisions now, the hard decisions now, our country may be irreversibly changed. “We need to make this century the second American century, not the beginning of the decline from the first American century. That’s the stakes, everybody.”

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    Nice job on the title! haha

    I was like HUH?? Until I got down to the bottom.


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