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It’s been five months since Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer. Despite the Department of Justice completing it’s review a month ago, District Attorney John Chisholm is seeking yet another opinion.

The officer — who is 38 and a 13-year department veteran — shot Hamilton 14 times, resulting in 15 gunshot wounds, on April 30 during a confrontation in which the officer said Hamilton became combative.

Hamilton’s family believed the purpose of a Tuesday meeting with prosecutors was for District Attorney John Chisholm to tell them whether the officer would be charged. Instead, Chisholm told the family he was seeking an outside independent expert on the use of force before making his decision, the family’s attorney said.

But two hours before the meeting — the second between the family and prosecutors — attorney Jon Safran was informed that the decision still had not been made.

The lack of DA Chisholm to file charges in police officer shootings led to a state law being passed requiring outside investigations in addition to internal ones.

During his seven-year tenure, Democrat Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm has failed to file charges in any of the deaths involving his county’s police officers.


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