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The radical Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is once again in the news for doing what they do best – pushing their agenda in the name of the city’s children. After Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced that it would close 54 under-performing and underutilized (schools in which the number of students does not come close to meeting the allowed capacity) schools at the end of this school year, the CTU put in motion plans for a highly-orchestrated rally and march.

As part of the march, the CTU and its supporters decided to partake in displays of civil disobedience. In the weeks leading up to the event, the CTU hosted civil disobedience training sessions for participants. As reported by, the CTU went so far as to recruit “radical, self-proclaimed anarchist, Lisa Fithian” to assist with the training.

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On Wednesday, March 27, the CTU and its supporters, including groups like Action Now, CORE (Caucus of Rank and File Educators), and SEIU, gathered at Daley Plaza to hear incendiary speeches by the likes of CTU President Karen Lewis and the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr. Per her usual routine, Lewis claimed racism was the motivation behind the school closings. She failed to mention that CPS is operating on a $1 billion deficit, nor did she remind people of the nearly 18% raise teachers received in September 2012 as a result of their strike – money that could have been funneled back into the schools.

After the speeches, the crowds took to the streets and marched around the block to CPS headquarters. It was here that approximately 140 people sat down, arm-in-arm, in the middle of LaSalle Street.  This, of course, was the planned display of civil disobedience, which was meant to lead to pre-arranged arrests.

As reported by EAG, an email was sent to CTU supporters before the rally requesting those who wanted to participate in civil disobedience email the necessary information – name, address, driver’s license number, etc. – ahead of time so the police would already have this information in hand at the time of the arrests. As it turned out, no one was arrested. The protesters in the streets were simply detained and issued tickets.

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