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Shootings and homicides continue in Chicago with 25 homicides already in 2015. The Chicago Sun Times reported three deaths and sixteen others were wounded in less than a 24 hour span.

In the most recent fatal incident, officers found a man shot multiple times early Saturday in the West Garfield Park neighborhood on the West Side.

The man, thought to be in his 20s, was found inside a vehicle near Kenton and West End, police said. He was dead at the scene. The Cook County medical examiner’s office confirmed the death but could not provide more information Saturday morning.

Two other men, 19-year-old Anfernee Durant and 18-year-old Tyree D. Harris, were killed within minutes of each other.

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  1. SCOTT

    Haven’t heard anything from Al Sharpton about it. Article didn’t really say if it was black victims/black perpetrators; dead is dead and it is sad. However, perhaps if there were less black on black homicides, there might be less black confrontations with police? Of course, this does give the Congressional Black Caucus a purpose. After all, if this ‘status-quo’ were to be somehow ‘snapped’ what purpose would they have??

  2. Gabi Taylor

    Chicago, as we know, has a high crime rate, GANGS, drive-by shootings, et al. About 15 years ago, the statistics were very saddening, about the fact that the most important/highest aim/goal of mothers of black boys and young men was that they would STAY ALIVE to reach the age of 21.

    This is devastating but the inner-city gangs continue to thrive (they’ve literally become a “self-protective” NECESSITY) and black kids continue to KILL EACH OTHER.

    What I find alarming and pathetic is that NO ONE within celebrities has initiated a PROGRAM – a large, all-inclusive program – to TEACH these kids to STOP killing each other!… and to tell them that the white corporate world and the 1% elite either don’t care or are more than happy to eliminate as many poor black youth (who are being dumped into prison faster than prisons can be built) as possible… “so just keep on killing each other.” I CAN say this righteously, since I am white. ;-)… and being so, I do know the average “white mentality.”

    My God, if only Malcolm X were here today… what a vast difference he would make! Sadly, no one (since Malcolm X’s murder) has PICKED UP THE GAUNTLET and continued his work. Personally, I find this shocking and unacceptable… and I tend to blame people like Oprah, people who have more money than they could ever spend in 1,000 lifetimes, people who COULD pick up that gauntlet but never think of doing so, never think of helping “their own” to a SERIOUS degree. Yes, she has started a girls’ school in Africa… and she’s given scholarship funds to kids for a specific black university. But, this does not even amount to scratching the surface of the problem of black youth killing each other. She does a lot for people of all colors and walk of life, this is true… but she falls shamefully short of helping black youth, a problem about which she APPEARS to be CLUELESS.

    How is this possible?

    • dymphna

      I’ve wondered about Oprah, too.

      Why go all the way to Africa? Why not take up the cause of American ghetto children in any Democrat-controlled city?? The Dem machine uses them, and her former BFF, Barry, has played poor black people like a violin.

      Maybe she’d have to step on too many special interest folks?
      Maybe it’s just too complicated and there wouldn’t be enough headlines?
      Maybe she doesn’t play well with others and so has missed the opportunity to draw in other celebrities to address this problem?


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