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This video is about Chicago residents fed up with President Obama ignoring the black community and placing favor on illegal aliens at the southern border. One resident said, “Barack will go down as the worst president ever.

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  1. Keith

    I am so glad to see the Black community awakening. I am a Republican 50 years old conservative professional, but my town is 60 percent African American. I have seen no hope, no ideas, nothing that has helped black people. I am an attorney who helps black every day. Obama has simply divided up this country like nothing I have ever seen. You are simply not going to see business come in if business and investment is considered evil. All that does is run off jobs. Obama has hiked up the taxes on corporations and they are moving out of the country. Instead of inner city incentive plans to encourage new businesses, he had saddled them with more taxes and regulations. WE all know black unemployment is sky high, much higher under his administration. LIke 20 percent and some 40 percent for African youth. The simple fact is more regulation of the labour market means more unemployment. All this man has done has set one group off against the other. Now we have no money for public services, and we are looking at thousand of immigrants because he did not enforce the border and the Law already in place. It is already illegal to cross the border and has been for decades. The governors asked him year after year for more border enforcement. In Arizona, he sued the state. This Attorney general of his is telling schools not to punish disobedient black kids. I do not care what color you are. If you disrupt, you should get punished. Our public services are going to collapse. The bottom line is unless you are transgendered, a union extortionist, or a full time racial agitator, he does not care about you. Thousands of your people are trying to do the right thing, just as my family. We all fail. We all succeed at times. This President cannot see anything good happening to anyone, unless its a payback for someone who was victimized. He has done nothing to grow wealth and jobs, but only has caused division and expanded this arrogant government.

  2. Kay Huggins-Stuckey

    Another Million Man March is needed in Washington. The Black Americans can do this and the rest of the country will follow you! This president has not only lied to black Americans but to all Americans! None of our political leaders seem to be able to do anything, so that just leaves citizens such as us to take up the gauntlet, and believe me, Obama has thrown one out by ignoring this country and her problems to bring in hundreds of thousands illegals against the wish of American Citizens!

  3. Pachoney

    I just don’t understand why the Black community will remain Dummycrats!!! Please tell me. Are we all better off than six years ago people???????


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