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A recent study done by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) showed that in Chicago, traffic stops skew toward black drivers vs. white drivers. News One reported the findings.

The study is based on an analysis of 100,676 traffic stops conducted by the Chicago Police Department in 2013. It found that Black people, who make up about a third of the Windy City’s population, made up about 46 percent of the traffic stops. White people are about 32 percent of the city’ s population and comprised about 27 percent of the police stops. Yet, police officers found narcotics and other contraband at a higher rate in vehicles driven by the Whites they stopped.

Hispanics were stopped less often, but like black motorists, they were more likely to have their cars searched. Black motorists were also stopped more in white neighborhoods. Chicago police continue to maintain they are working on eliminating all racial profiling.

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  1. Jesse

    Newton , Kansas is predominently white with a hispanic population. If a black person goes through that town from Wichita ( Sedgwick county} 90 % of the time there is a current warrant on the person in that car. So to me that would be that would be a reason to profile that population. A check could be run to decide whether to pull over the car. But it is worth the police checking on every blk from Wichita coming up there. Only 10 % are don’t have something against them. To not investigate would be derilection of duty and not protecting the safety of the community. The same may go for Chicago.


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