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Friday night in Chicago, RebelPundit’s Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus, director of the motion picture Hating Breitbart, together documented the organized anti-free-speech disruptors of Donald Trump’s planned campaign rally.

Among those filmed at the rally were Revolution Communist Party USA figures, domestic terrorist and Obama-mentor Bill Ayers, faculty from the University of Illinois-Chicago, anarchists, and other professional radical organizers. The protest itself was violent and hate-filled, organized with mass-produced posters and t-shirts for attendees, designed not to voice a counter opinion but to intimidate, mock, belittle, and shut down the ability of rally attendees to hear a presidential candidate.

Terrorist Bill Ayers comments in the video that the “protest” action was “driven by a Fire from Below.” A young woman says “time to pick up the gun, the revolution has come.”

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**Language Warning**

The establishment conservative media would have you blame Trump. They are afraid to confront the reality of what has been brewing in America while they rage on Twitter. Having documented hundreds of progressive mass movement actions in the past, in our opinion this rally was more about converting the same strategies of Occupy, NATO/G8, and Teachers Union rallies to the latest victim than anything to do with the candidate.

The radical left has college students and other fellow travelers ready to sign up for their hate-filled gatherings. They are violent and full of disdain for America. We previously released footage of protesters mocking a black man selling Trump t-shirts.

They are coming soon to a community near you.

Stay tuned for more in depth coverage as well as our full unedited interview with Bill Ayers.

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6 Responses

  1. GeorgeKocan

    Here is the letter I sent to my local newspaper, the Daily Democrat (aka Daily Herald): Dear Editor:
    Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump made a revealing comment on the violence which shut down his rally Friday night. He said that he had, “…never see anything like it.” Unfortunately, the man has not been paying attention. Just ask other Republican victims of Democrat harassment, bullying and hate, like Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Laura Ingraham, Phillis Schlafley, etc.
    I recall many years ago, Rush Limbaugh, the conservative radio commentator, arranged a special television show on CBS with a live audience. Some Democrats infiltrated the audience and disrupted the show by yelling, berating and insulting the host. They forced him to shut down the whole show and denied him the right to speak, just as they forced Trump to shut down his rally. They do these kinds of stunts all the time.
    I blame the Democrats and their socialist buddies, because they run everything in Chicago, the newspapers, the television stations, the schools and the criminal organizations. They have the means, the motive and the opportunity. They know that they cannot win without censorship.
    End comment: this was a premeditated attack on Trump’s First Amendment rights. The organizations infolved should be prosecuted under civil rights statues which are supposed to protect everyone’s rights. My impression is that Trump is somewhat naive about the left. But, if anyone can initiate such litigation it is Trump.

  2. Hannah Szenes

    Bill Ayers mentioned “fire from below”. I was wondering if he is referencing something from his personal manifesto or someone else’s on the Left.

    Please elaborate – anyone!


  3. david de lenfet

    Those people raising the Mexican Flag, if they really love that flag, MOVE TO MEXICO- what is wrong with these people. I am a US Citizens my grand parents are from Mexico I have been in Mexico as well and believe me, I can visit and stay there for a couple of weeks but I will never moved there to live and raise a family. In fact, Trump did not mentioned Mexican Citizens, he mentioned Illegal Immigrants, Illegal aliens that are pouring over the border and the government is not doing anything to stop it. a great % of these illegal immigrants are also criminals, drug dealers, and yes, rapists. 85% of Central American Women get raped and sexually abused while trying to go through Mexico. It is not Trump doing the raping , it is Mexicans.

    • GeorgeKocan

      I have heard that the criminals run the Mexican government. Corruption is pervasive. It is a lot like Chicago. Many of the illegal immigrants (I can’t even estimate the number.) have not concept of living in a constitutional republic where laws are supposed to rule and not men. They do not care about the seperation of powers, just as Democrats do not care about it. They will vote for the guys promising the most goodies. They have lost an ethical culture since the Freemasons and the commies took over Mexico more than 100 years ago. They suppressed the Catholic culture; the shut down the Catholic schools. Andy Garcia’s film “For Greater Glory” alludes to this history. A noteworthy aside is that Woodrow Wilson’s administration helped this war on Catholics along. Wilson was a Democrat. Of course, film reviewers did not particularly like this film. Too much Catholic stuff.

  4. Dawn Marie

    Great footage and article, thanks guys! Be careful out there, these groups are dangerous and unpredictable. Way to show it!! Glad Trump won Illinois despite all of this.


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