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Chicago resident and activist Paul McKinley blasted Aldermen John Pope, James Balcer and Carrie Austin at an October Committee on Public Safety hearing in City Hall, for failing to address the issue of violence, murder, and drug cartels operating throughout the city’s south and west sides.

Although violence and murder were not on the agenda for discussion at the hearing, McKinley insisted on addressing the committee about drug cartels that are “dumping crack cocaine” in his community, and heroin in “white suburban communities” which he says is the real cause for all of Chicago’s violence.

McKinley alleged that “Mexican-narco-terrorist-drug cartels” are operating freely “because Chicago is a sanctuary city,” for illegal aliens. McKinley specifically pointed to Alderman John Pope’s 10th Ward, and Public Safety Committee Chairman, Alderman James Balcer’s 11th Ward, where McKinley alleges mass shipments of illegal narcotics and guns come into the city, before being distributed throughout the rest of the city, and across the Midwest.

Bloomberg Magazine reports that drugs coming from Mexican cartels through Chicago are shipped as far away as both U.S. coasts and British Colombia, Canada, in a $3.5 billion dollar drug trafficking operation run by the Sinaloa Cartel, in Mexico. The committee has failed to respond, McKinley says, despite him having previously addressed the issue and asked council members for help.

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“This is narco-terrorism headed up with the complete understanding of you aldermen down here…They can not do this without you aldremens [sic] implicit and a part of this…They can not be in my community dumping all these drugs and guns…they have been allowed to run free.”

“An AK-47 on the street costs $2000, these are not gang related, these are narco-terror related” murders, he said. “These are skirmishes about debt.”

In the video, Alderwoman Carrie Austin can be seen leaving her post at the beginning of McKinley’s remarks, and begin speaking with two other council members, ignoring McKinley as he expressed concern for his community and asked the committee on Public Safety to do something about it.

McKinley then addressed the committee about Austin’s own lack of concern, saying, “I notice that the Negro, she’s not even interested in what I’m talking about.” To which, Austin replied, “No I’m not.”

McKinley’s emotions became heated after being asked to end his remarks and an apparent security person approached and put his hands on McKinley to usher him away from the microphone.

During the exchange McKinley noticed Austin, who is a black Alderwoman standing aside and laughing.

McKinley asked Austin, “It was funny talking about them black folks all messed up. You was laughin’. It was a joke to you wasn’t it? [sic]

Austin replied, “Yes.”

McKinley asked again, “Yo people all f***ed up like that. You think it was all funny?”

Austin responded again, “It was.”

As McKinley was being ushered to his seat, he spoke to the entire room, saying, “All that murder and death out there is a big joke…You don’t represent us. Not one of ‘em upset about it. Ain’t none of y’all upset?”

Austin can then be seen clearly in the video, replying to McKinley’s comments and questions, saying, “No,” as she went back to her seat for the rest of the hearing.

After the hearing, I spoke to Alderman John Pope about McKinley’s allegations of Mexican drug cartels and narco-terrorists operating in his ward. Pope said he “couldn’t take McKinley seriously” after his behavior in the council chambers.

When asked however, about recent reports from Bloomberg that address the same concerns as McKinley, Pope said he had not read the article, but, “by virtue of our geographic location, being a hub, we do well in terms of trade. By virtue of that locale, we have negatives too, such as the drug trade.”

Pope, rejected the idea that Chicago’s sanctuary city status is enabling cartels to operate in his ward or the rest of the city, saying, “just because we are Hispanic, doesn’t mean we are drug dealers.” In October last year, a field with more than $10 million of marijuanagrowing in it was busted in an industrial freight and shipping sector of Pope’s 10th ward.

Despite Austin’s lack of concern for the issues McKinley brought to the committee, and Pope’s denial of cartels running the streets of Chicago as McKinley and others havebrought into the public forum, Vice Chairman of Public Safety Alderman Willie Cochran told the committee, “I think despite the way that Mr. McKinley made that statement, those issues associated with safety in our community, are issues that our safety committee should talk about, and we should assure him that is something we will do.”

McKinley’s concerns were not on the agenda, nor addressed at the following Chicago Committee on Public Safety hearing onTuesday October 15. The only item listed on the meeting agenda was a call for hearings tougher gun laws.

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  1. Tom Simpson

    This deeply planted drug activity in Chicago has a history. It didn’t begin with the Mexican drug gangs or the bloods and crypts. It began as a cultural war against our most populous and industrious inner cities. Ushered in with the Sex-Drugs-Rock liberation movement or “counter-culture” a description that should have tipped everyone off what they were up to, it targeted the baby boomers. This was an operation on the level of an all out military style operation involving man, money and material to saturate the youth of the United States with LSD and other psychodelic drugs. The CONGRESS FOR CULTURAL FREEDOM, funded with money from the CIA, had agents deployed all over Western Europe and United States as a international organization dedicated to transforming America away from the principals of Lincoln and FDR. And toward the NEW AGE BELIEFS AND AXIOMS of Thomas and Audios Huxley, HL Mencken, Theodore Adorno, Hannah Arendt, and the Frankfurt School. It was an assault on the paradigm of the boomers. And it had a lot of help from the British. Not only did the British elites invent the Beetles for the battle for the minds of America’s youth, but German fascist, Prince Phillip, and Nazi member, Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, created the WWF in 1962, to begin the assault on science with the fraud of “environmentalism.” But before the operation could get underway, America would have to be rid of the Kennedy brothers, John and Bobby. Once JFK was out of the way the plan was put fully into place. The war Kennedy intended to stop would sweep up tens of thousands of black youth as cannon fodder for a war in Vietnam that was actually started in 1945 by the sons of Satan. Drug proliferation began to infiltrate into US universities and into the personal lives of millions of youth who were easy targets for the British and American elites. Genocidalists who would give us HIV and EBOLA to curb population growth. Chicago was a main target. It had a highly literate and educated population. It had one of the highest concentrations of skilled labor. It was the trade center of the U.S. It was also the heart of the Democratic Party machine that helped put JFK in office. Therefore it was a high priority target for destruction. And so it was. Mayor Daley and the 68 Democratic Convention would not survive the Days of Rage. The Chicago Democratic Party was the intended target. Victimized by the scenes of cops beating kids on orders of Mayor Richard Daley , it would be reshaped and redesigned along the lines and principals of the CONGRESS FOR CULTURAL FREEDOM. Saul Alinsky took the credit and never looked back. But the Congress was the chief gateway through which the New Age paradigm was brought into US political life. It wasn’t long before MLK and Malcom X had broken ranks and broken the mold, offering real promise to a nation in search of it’s soul. Remember the war was still raging and both had been against it and were out spoken about it. Both would, like JFK, be shot dead! Probably by FBI Cointelpro assassins! The message was meant to be clear. “Buck us and you will wind up dead too.” But Bobby Kennedy would be assassinated in short order, decapitating the attempted come back of the Democratic Party of FDR/JFK. And so it is today, that our nation has had very little leadership since then. And in a few cases we have had real hard core fascists in power. But the legalization of the drug plague is a live option being spread by this same crowd. The British used this method twice to drug China’s people with opium. This method is being used again, on the U.S!! London’s point man, George Soros is funding much of it. Thus it is no mystery to those of us who know the British angle on this, why Chicago’s Barack Obama was chosen to be President in the first place. He is the Manchurian President.


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