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At a recent hearing at the Chicago City Council, the Committee on Housing and Real Estate was pressed by Alderman Scott Waguespack about oversight of the Chicago Housing Authority and its funding.

Waguespack asked Andy Mooney, Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development how much money the CHA had in its reserves, before the council vote to authorize a $1.3 billion “Bouncing Back” Five Year Housing Plan, which would suppliment the CHA with tax payer’s money.

Mooney, could not answer, and despite the CHA’s board being an appointed body, by the council, claimed he, nor the council have any authority over the CHA’s activities or budget.

Waguespack disagreed, and insistied it is the council’s duty to look out for the taxpayers, when it comes to authorizing Tax Increment Financing to subsidize CHA projects.Coincidentally, no representatives from the CHA were present at the meeting.

Due to the large number of public opponents to the plan, most of the city council members did not stay to hear the testamony of the residents against the plan, and therefore the council lacked a quorum to vote on the measure.

The vote is now scheduled to take place on February 5th, at the City Council.

Here is the 15 minute exchange between Waguespack and Mooney.

[vsw id=”t-9ocyuHGts” source=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”no”]

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