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Shocked? We are….

Is this the sort of thing you would expect to hear from John Tillman, the chairman of the Illinois Policy Institute, a “conservative” think tank, after walking through #OccupyChicago?

“It was delightful.”

Delightful? When I think of delight, I think of lying on a sunny beach with an ice-cold tropical fruit drink; I think of laying in a hammock on a breezy day reading a mind-stimulating book or sinking my teeth into a delicious cheesecake. But when I am at an Occupy protest, the last thing that comes to mind is anything remotely delightful.

In fact, I find the whole experience miserable and terrifying: the constant banging of over-turned garbage cans, the blowing of bull horns, and the repetitive hypnotic chanting of brainwashed flea-infested loons. When I head down to an Occupy protest, it is certainly not with any intent to have a delightful experience. It is with the intent to expose what is really driving these radical left-wing nut-jobs. It’s a responsibility I feel that is necessary to preserve whatever freedom and liberty we still have, and quite frankly to help do whatever is in my power to save our great country.

Here is some footage you may have already seen about who is behind this movement, from EAG Foundation:

[vsw id=”6BARB-aSqYM” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

I certainly understand that there are some halfway “sane” individuals down there. And I can also agree there are a couple of similarities in the displeasure with our economy between the “Tea Party” and Occupy protesters. Namely, the opposition to bank bailouts, for which we on the “right” have been ridiculed and deemed racist, for the last two and a half years.

But I can hardly see how it is effective for the tea partiers to join forces with these well-documented card-carrying members of the Communist Party U.S.A., Party for Socialism and Liberation, anti-Semites, American Nazi Party, 9/11 truthers, and the rest of the dirty hippies that are now receiving training from domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

If a suggestion is to be made regarding these protesters, it is for whatever few “sane” individuals do reside within this whacked-out movement to join “us” in calling the “occupiers” out for what they really are, and start helping us enforce the Constitution once again. This is the real solution to the problems we are facing, not for the Tea Party to join forces with a movement that is organized by experienced, cunning, radical revolutionaries. Those whose sole intent is to subvert, usurp, and destroy the U.S. Constitution would completely erode our sovereignty in favor of a direct democracy. The result: a mob rule system that is clearly designed to maintain a tyranny of the “working class” over the rest of society.

Tillman’s op-ed is so perplexing to me–for an individual of such high stature on the “conservative” side of the argument to be so “out of touch” with what is actually going on in this movement. A movement the clear goal of which is to stage an counter-American revolution, and which is heavily influenced by foreign forces and ideologies.

Tillman’s own words from his Trib op-ed:

“There appears to be this great schism in the tea party movement about how the occupiers should be treated: rejected as crazy leftists or embraced?”

“I’d argue that occupiers and tea partyers should join forces. Given what I heard the other night — at least from this particular set of occupiers — we share far more in common than they realize.”

Really? The Tea Party should join forces with this disgraceful, disrespectful, and downright hateful mob? To suggest there are anything but superficial similarities between the occupiers and the tea partiers to join forces is nothing less than irresponsible.

Here is some footage from St. Louis last year at a 9/12 Tea Party rally. Can you find any similarities?

[vsw id=”gtvkJj2-fwI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Perhaps this vanity piece foreshadows the political posturing by a conservative think tank “thinker” that we hear is getting ready to run for governor of Illinois in 2014. Maybe it makes sense for Tillman to go on-record as more “open-minded” to those that stand against everything we are fighting for, in an effort to appear more “moderate.”

Unfortunately this is all too typical of republicans these days.

Do you think the Tea Party and Occupiers share enough in common to join forces in an effort necessary to save the republic? For me, this is far too difficult to think plausable.

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  1. Beverly

    John Tilman comparing the Tea Party to these radical moonbats is ludicrous!!! Further, I do not know any Republican that finds anything in common with Communists whose goal is to disrupt this country and turn responsible Americans into slaves for the ruling class of Obamites!!

    Get out of your Ivory Tower Mr. Tilman!! There are thugs in the streets of Chicago and there is nothing DELIGHTFUL about it!

    • rhonda

      For Mr. Tillman to say what he said is a total disconnect with the TEA Party movement and a very poor understanding of the mission of Occupy Wall Street. This is why we have so many issues in this state and in this country. People speak without knowing the facts or they ignor the facts so they can promote their own agenda.
      You just blew it Mr. Tillman and all the work that you have done is now dust in the wind.
      There is no TEA Party that is paid for by any political party as OWS is paid by the unions, Soros, and God only knows who else. The TEA Party has never had an arrest, we did not destroy any place that we have protested and we paid for our venues, insurance, and the rally. NO over night stays on public land that cost the tax payers a dime.
      If you cannot speak for us properly and it is obvious that you cannot, then Mr. Tillman you need to back off and don’t ever compare us to what is going on in OWS. The only thing we have in common and that is on a very thin line, is the FED needs to get out of the business of ruining this country and should be shut down. Other than that, I cannot think of a thing. We are Conservatives and Americans that believe in the Constitution which gives all groups a right to voice their concerns but…we live in America, and we are not Russia, China or anyother socialist or communist country all though, the left and progressives are working daily on getting that job done.

  2. katie

    I sure don’t have much in common with either Mr.Tillman or the Occupy folks…I find anti-semitism distasteful, not delightful…

  3. Joe

    Delightful? Really. Unless I am missing something, they are as delightful as cockroaches. What an extraordinarly stupid comment by someone whom, up to this point, I had some respect for. Really, Mr. Tillman?

  4. Skip

    The only thing we Tea Party folks and these malcontents have in common, is that we both breath the same air ! I find it somewhat strange that in the midst of these occupiers, are teachers, very well paid teachers I might add. Please do not speak for me Tilman !

    • Rick Santelli's Belly

      Those greedy-ass overpaid teachers! Making millions every year. They’re the real enemy.

  5. Bustin Loose

    John Tillman was just on The Dana Loesch Show and claims he was mis-quoted. This guy was in major damage control mode. Tillman represents the old guard Republican worrying more about being liked than standing for conservative values. Tillman needs a backbone injection!!! These occupying miscreants are nothing more than useful idiots for Soros and his sock puppet Barackio.

  6. rebelpundit

    Guess he misquoted himself then. Cause it was his own ignorant comments I quoted from his ridiculous op-ed.


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