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Representative Mike Turner (R-OH) introduced Mitt Romney at a Dayton, OH campaign stop Saturday afternoon. In 2009, Turner proudly declared, “I supported the CARS Act, also known as Cash for Clunkers, when it first passed the House in June and I also voted for the additional funding on July 31.”

Judging from Turner’s public remarks this afternoon, he stands firmly behind Romney.

The decision by Romney’s campaign to allow a politician such as Turner to introduce the governor is indicative of why Romney struggles to attract more support from conservative activists. Turner’s record on fiscal issues does not often often reflect the principles espoused by the Tea Party. Entrenched politicians such as Turner who favor egregious programs such as Cash for Clunkers share responsibility for the enormous national debt burdening this nation.

Then again, both Mike Turner and Mitt Romney also supported the Wall Street bailouts. One should not be too surprised to find Turner among Romney’s most avid Ohio supporters.

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