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Once, again, the Washington Post has erased all user reviews of the Andrew Breitbart documentary “Hating Breitbart.” The user reviews had previously been deleted from the site last week, although a negative review from their on-staff reporter remained:

The movie, which had been receiving rave reviews from the public, details Andrew Breitbart’s war with the mainstream media. This makes it doubly troubling that the Washington Post continues to delete positive reviews of the movie from their site.

As of late Saturday evening, the only review posted (all others had been erased) was from someone wondering where all the reviews went:

In addition, Rotton Tomatoes, a movie-rating site, has placed two separate entries for the movie, making it unclear where users should post their reviews.

Meanwhile, after a stellar opening weekend where the movie grossed the second-highest per theater revenues in the country, Hating Breitbart is expanding across the nation (check for your local showtimes here.)

The clearest take on what just might be going on at WaPo and elsewhere is, conveniently, found in the movie itself, which provides the most incisive and entertaining look at the sorry state of our legacy mainstream media. And we see Andrew Breitbart’s thesis playing out before our very eyes.


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