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Leisa Zigman, a KDSK 5 reporter, says she spoke with a cousin of Michael Brown who says the Brown family wants New Black Panther Party leader Malik Shabaz to leave Ferguson.

Other residents have begun expressing anger toward outside influence over the protests creating chaos with police. Yesterday RebelPundit reported on a video of a Ferguson resident telling a communist activist to “get the f*%k out of here.”

Gateway Pundit reports 120 arrests have been made at the protests with only four of those being Ferguson residents.


He told me the family wants Malik Shabazz to leave. He finds him an instigator and two ministers today asked Shabazz to leave as well. 

Shabazz has positioned himself as a peacemaker, that he’s putting himself on the front lines trying to protect citizens from law enforcement. But the family of Michele Brown believes he’s instigating and is hijacking the real meaning of what the peaceful protesters are out here to do. 

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