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Here is more continuing coverage from Occupy the Dream, an event held at the Peoples[sic] Church of Chicago, Sunday January 15th. The following video reveals the overwhelming and until now, unseen tone of the event.

The event had little to do with Martin Luther King, Jr., or any of his larger than life accomplishments in the civil rights movement, or changing dynamic of the racial divide in America. Perhaps this is not very surprising. What it did have plenty to do with, however, was in fact, occupying the dream.

Progress Illinois even titled their coverage, “Occupy Chicago, Religious Leaders Use MLK Holiday As Means To Call For Change.” There could not have been a more appropriate description of the event.

Religious leaders, community organizers and local politicians joined Occupy Chicago to occupy the dream, occupy the church and occupy the state for one grand revolutionary extravaganza.

Community organizers even called elected officials of the Democrat Party to the pulpit to get their commitment to pushing forward the radical agendas of the groups participating in the event. State senator Heather Steans took to the pulpit to blast Republicans, with other members of the Illinois general assembly calling for progressive tax reform in Illinois. (video) And Jesse Jackson spoke of spending a “mere $900 billion” in taxpayer dollars for the federal government to directly hire 15 million workers at $40,000 per year. (video) Jan Schakowsky was also present and demanded that millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. (video)

But what was not so present at the event was a celebration of the victories the King achieved and how different the landscape of this country has become since his death. The sermon, delivered by Dwight Gardner of the First Trinity United Baptist Church of Gary, Indiana, only referred to King periodically in his address, but only to emphasize the need to “occupy the dream of King” while making tremendous calls for revolution.

Reverend Tom Gaulke of the First Trinity Church of Bridgeport, called to “occupy vacant homes,” after bragging about being a member of the S.O.U.L 16. This was the group of 16 individuals protesting the Mortgage Bankers Association Conference last October. He also remarked from the pulpit, “It is the hand of God that leads us to redeem the sin that was created by the hand of Wall Street” and proceeded to call for the arrests and prosecution of bankers.

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Media Malpractice?

Here is a link to the television coverage of the event filed by WGN News on Monday. It seems WGN didn’t quite catch the message of the event or there was a “minor” breakdown in communication among the onsite reporters, editors and their television broadcast.

We will be posting WGN’s coverage here later today.


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  1. Missy8s

    The left is going in for the kill, nobody, and I mean nobody, will escape the bloodshed of the coming conflagration.

  2. Missy8s

    Apparently the good “reverend” has appointed himself as “God’s judge, jury and executioner on Earth”???

    It would also defy the central theme of the forgiveness of Jesus Christ…

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…”

  3. Missy8s

    This person claiming to be a “man of God” is a despicable charlatan race hustler who abuses the words of Jesus Christ in pursuit of his own wealth and power.

    Shame on you “reverend” Jackson!


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