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The Chicago Teachers Solidarity Campaign (CTSC) is scrambling after receiving news that they will not be able to picket outside of tonight’s Illinois General Assembly’s Chicago Educational Facilities Task force meeting.

The CTSC created a facebook page encouraging parents, teachers and other community members to picket against CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard outside of the UIC Forum where the public meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.

The CTSC planned extensively this week, and alerted members – who were instructed to arrive at 5 p.m.– that materials such as posters and markers would be available to create picket signs. They also planned to hand out flyers.

CTSC received word today via the CTU that the UIC police were “acting irrationally regarding our event” and said that security would need to be increased – a move that would land CPS with an extra $4,000 bill – in order to protect state legislators who will attend the event. If UIC does not receive the money for extra security, they said the event would be canceled.

A day after both the CTU and CPS rejected the terms recommended by an independent arbitrator, CTU is eager for the meeting to occur and encouraged the CTSC to “rally in support of the teachers, rather than picket Brizard.”

At the behest of CTU Chief of Staff Jackson Potter, who is negotiating with UIC, the CTSC changed the title of the facebook event to avoid any mention of picketing. As of now, the CTSC still plans on making their presence known at the UIC Forum to stage an unofficial “picket” and rally.

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