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At around 4pm Friday, protesters shut down I43, a major highway in Milwaukee, WI, ahead the coming District Attorney John Chisholm’s decision to prosecute former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney in the shooting death of Dontre Hamilton.

According to one source on the ground, the protests were organized by Wisconsin Jobs Now, a front group for SEIU and the Coalition for Justice, a “socialistic type organization,” the source said.

There are reports that more than 20 people were arrested at the demonstration, and while the protest is said to seek justice for Hamilton’s family, protesters were seen, instead, chanting for “living wages.”


Last week, RebelPundit reported on another protest, led by grassroots activists and members of Hamilton’s family outside the home of progressive-Democrat DA John Chisholm, who is coincidentally the mastermind behind the secretive John Doe Probe into conservative activists and organizations in Wisconsin. That probe included “predawn paramilitary style” raids on activists homes and has led to several lawsuits between targets of the of the investigation and DA Chisholm, included a federal first amendment violation suit against Chisholm.

Milwaukee police have a notorious track record in black communities across the city. Over 60 people have filed a lawsuit against the city for random strip searches in public, conducted on black males.

Chisholm has never prosecuted a police officer in any of the 14 officer related homicides during his seven year tenure as DA.

In the case of Dontre Hamilton, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn terminated the former Officer Manney for conducting an ‘unjustified’ search on Hamilton, which led to a struggle between Hamilton and Manney. Hamilton reportedly grabbed Manney’s baton and hit Manney with it, prompting Manney to shoot Hamilton 14 times. The termination was not due to Manney’s use of deadly force, but due to him conducting a full body pat down on Hamilton who was not a criminal suspect, and according to Chief Flynn, no “reasonable suspicion.”

Here is our video coverage of last week’s protest.

Chisholm is expected to make the long awaited announcement about prosecuting Manney before the end of the year, which many expect to happen next week. It has been seven months since Hamilton was killed by Manney in Red Arrow Park.

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  1. Hugh Hawfield

    This country is inundated with idiots. They’re everywhere. Quick run and hide. Dang, there’s no places to run. There on every corner, in every neighborhood, blocking the roads, in every store. The decent, respectable, responsible, intelligent people are screwed.


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