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This shocking video won’t do much to support the position of the militarized police presence in Ferguson, MO. Watch this police officer flat out threaten to kill and aim his rifle at a protester right on camera.

CNN is now reporting that the officer has been suspended indefinitely and removed from his duty.

The video comes from YouTube channel Gena Trius:

Protester – “My hands are up!”

Officer- “I will fucking kill you! Get back!”

Cameraman – “You’re going to kill him?”

Protester – “Did he just threaten to kill me?”

Cameraman – “Whats your name sir?”

Officer – “Go fuck yourself. That’s my name.”

Check Progressives Today for more wild coverage from Ferguson.

2 Responses

  1. aliswell

    The whole situation is moronic at this point. The protesters protesting what? A cop defending himself against a hulking punk thug.

    Regardless, the cop shouldn’t be walking around, randomly pointing his weapon at protesters and threatening to kill them.

    What a circus it’s devolved into.

  2. bruce lorraine

    That’s priceless. The only problem I see with the cops in Ferguson is they didn’t shoot more looters and those commiting violent acts.

    This whole situation stinks of political manipulation from the start by those on high and I’m not talking the PCP smokers who loot and attack but the Limo backseat smoke and blow terrorist from DC and/or the demon spawn that service him.


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