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A Ferguson protester destroyed Jesse Jackson on camera, telling him “we don’t want you here, you are not a leader!”

The man went on to say, “we don’t want you here brotha, as a matter of fact, you’re not even a brotha.”

RebelPundit has documented disapproval of Jackson and his entire family in the past, from residents in Chicago. It looks like many more feel the same way around the country.

Jackson was also reportedly booed for fundraising at the Ferguson protests.

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  1. ArmyAviator

    “Jessuh” is a DINOSAUR from another era and no longer relevant, nor a player in today’s society. The “Rearend” Jessuh Jerkson, only went to Fergusson to hustle money for himself! Same with The “Rearend” Al $harpton, another race baiter and media hustler. These dudes is only in it foh the doh! Oh, and women and publicity too.


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