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Despite indications that the country at large has little interest in reforming immigration policy at this juncture, politicians at the national and local levels continue to push the illegal immigration agenda. St.Louis mayor Francis Slay recently volunteered to provide shelter to some of the illegal youths who have streamed into America as a result of the latest crisis at the border. Not only is Mayor Slay happy to use precious city resources for housing and benefits to people who aren’t citizens but he is also wants to make his city a “magnet for immigrants.”

Who wouldn’t want that? After all, America is a nation of immigrants. We love immigrants. If only Slay were talking about actual immigrants. Alas, he is not.  

“Part of our effort includes the International Institute, which is an organization that serves all immigrants, of every kind. We partner with them and they are very engaged in what we are doing. Casa de Salud is a program that is targeted toward immigrants who are here, who need healthcare, and who are not connected to the system.”

Not connected to the system? Mayor Slay, in America we call things that aren’t “connected to the system” illegal. Children’s lemonade stands have been shut down by local authorities because they are “not connected to the system.” Illegal. Entrepreneurial hairdressers in New York are fined for not obtaining the correct business licenses because they are “not connected to the system.” Illegal. In Slay’s own city a local church was forced to stop feeding the homeless because they didn’t have the proper permits. They were not “connected to the system.” Illegal.

It seems pretty outrageous for the mayor of a city in so much economic need to deny his own citizens the right to help fellow citizens but turn around and offer illegal immigrants all manner of benefits and opportunities on the backs of the very people he has punished for not being “connected to the system.”

What is even more outrageous is who will be affected the most by making St.Louis a haven for illegals. That would be Black people.

St.Louis is almost 50% Black and despite the election of our first Black messiah President, unemployment in the Black community remains the highest of any group in the nation at 11.5%…and that’s just using government math. The real unemployment numbers in the Black community are estimated to be closer to 20% or more. With 50% of young Black men dropping out of school before they’ve completed high school and only 10% of Black Americans actually completing a secondary degree, the black population in the United States relies heavily on low-wage, low-skill jobs to food on the table.

The vast majority of illegal immigrants currently streaming over our southern border are poor and uneducated. The people Slay wants to attract to his city will need jobs they can fill. Low-wage, low-skill jobs. Who is it that depends the most on those jobs? Oh, that’s right. Black people.

In an interview with National Journal Mayor Slay was asked about the Ferguson riots and the ongoing issues of racial tension in his community. Said Slay, We spend a large portion of our time addressing economic disparities, racial disparities. That was one of the topics of our cabinet meeting this morning. What are we doing to try to help address economic disparities?”

Mr. Mayor, might I suggest that one way you do not address economic disparities is by shipping illegal outsiders into your community and encouraging them to vie for the very jobs our Black-American citizens depend on to feed their families. I dare say that’s not a great step towards addressing racial disparities either. Our current border crisis comes from the south, which means many of the current flood of illegals are from South America. Will it endear Hispanics from other countries to Black-Americans when they see those that are illegal taking the positions traditionally filled by poverty-stricken Blacks?

Slay’s view seems to be indicative of too many of our representatives these days. Black-Americans –citizens- are getting the short end of the stick in the immigration reform game. There is endless talk about racial disparities and income gaps in the Black community but when the politicians have the opportunity to take real action, its optics over results. Supporting immigration reform by offering benefits to illegals makes for good soundbites.

For Black-Americans it’s the same old same old. The media exploits our struggles for ratings. The politicians pander to us every election cycle, telling us why the other side won’t do anything for us and only wants to keep us poor. Then they all go back to their gated communities and fancy cocktail parties and we’re left worse off than we were before and bearing the brunt of bad policy. We are left to wonder why our economic struggles don’t rate the same sense of urgency as the problems of those “not connected to the system.”



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    I love this site and please visit us African Americans Against Illegal Immigration and Democrats Against Illegal Immigration !

  2. HappyG

    Black “leaders” have been silent on this issue…I truly believe that when they finally understand that the dems they voted for have sold them down the river for the Latino vote, inner city blacks will burn down our cities…and thus give those who created the p o s in our Oval Office an opportunity to declare a martial law decree that our military may have to accept as valid…

  3. HappyG

    The biggest lie told in DC isn’t about your doctor…it’s that hard working democrats want to reward these invaders who disrespected our nation…Here’s a thought for our affirmative action president…Put this question on the ballot, “Do you believe that those who disrespected our Nation’s legal path to entry should be rewarded by being allowed to take jobs from legal US citizens and further depress our wages? I’m guessing they’ll instead stick to their propaganda messaging…it’s who they are.

  4. Conservagrl

    Any idea why the black community isn’t up in arms over this? Why aren’t they calling their Representatives and the DNC?


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