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The liberal bias of the mainstream media was on display again during an interview with Senator Tim Scott (R-South Carolina). Thomas Roberts of MSNBC asked the Senator how he could possibly care about poverty because he is a conservative.

Roberts went over some of Scott’s record, including his vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress and his opposition to Obamacare, and noted that Scott had a received an “F” grade from the NAACP.

“If we looked at the result of [Democratic] control, what has happened in black America? We saw greater poverty,” Scott responded.

He reinforced his belief that individual freedom and economic opportunity was key to reversing poverty.

Scott is the first African-American elected to the US Senate from a southern state since Reconstruction.

5 Responses

  1. Linda Nitzschke

    Love Time Scott ! Thanks for cutting off the ending remarks of the so-called journalist, as I suspect his remarks would have sounded pretty stupid compared to what Senator Scott had just said !

  2. Timothy W Lucas

    The news media should never be treated as a fair information outlet. All questions will be bias all answers taken out of context. They should be ignored or a page taken from the liberal playbook with a answer to the question they didn’t ask. Point one being Mr Scott and point two, Rush Limbaugh. They are on the defence and 2016 a all out effort to stop any conservative from gaining power. The republicans will be doing the same I’m sure.

    • Tom Simpson

      Obama must be removed from office now, for the US to have any chance whatsoever to regain it’s identity as a world leader politically and economically. The Dems should just heave him out the door like the Republicans did with Nixon. They have only themselves to blame for the midterm vote. Had Obama been removed with a bipartisan effort, for crimes he has openly committed against the Constitution, we could have already been on our way to a real economic recovery. Let this serve as a lesson to every citizen. Know who and what you are voting for BEFORE you vote.


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