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Conservative radio host Wayne Dupree of the Wayne Dupree Show published a video of himself  challenging the NAACP and saying it has “left God” for a letter it wrote along with the Human Rights Campaign to A&E decrying Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s comments about working alongside blacks.

Dupree, who is the man behind the viral Facebook page “Boycott A&E until Phil Robertson Is Put Back On“–currently nearing 1.5 million likes since starting yesterday–read through Phil’s comments on video, offering his reaction and calling out not only the NAACP but also Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for latching onto the publicity:

It’s a damn shame that y’all have to try to manufacture something out of this to be relevant. You’re not relevant. You, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson.…here you are trying to take down Phil Robertson when you can’t even take care of the black-on-black crime that’s in America’s cities today, run by Democrats!

Dupree continues:

Somewhere along the line you graduated from the altar, and you left God. And you left your purpose of fighting for civil rights. And now you’re just causing more and more problems. Phil Robertson is a man of a god, and you are attacking him by placing some sort of ‘racism’ letter to A&E? Y’all need help. I wish that you were never created, because you’re doing nothing for the American people right now except for dividing–trying to divide and conquer. And that’s bull….you have lost your way. Leave Phil Robertson alone, leave black conservatives alone, or bring them all to the table and let’s talk.

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Dupree also posted a comment that appears to come from a NAACP employee, name redacted, saying that she feels conflicted working for the organization and has for some time. She writes, “I saw your video about NAACP weighing in to bash Phil Robertson. I’m w/you on this. I’ve been getting all kinds of hate mail b/c I support Phil. But since I’m in NAACP as the person who takes discrimination complaints, at ___ level, this new development ties my hand. I may have to resign. I’m just trying to figure out what to do right now.”:


A divide in our country not as the left would have it, between their hyphenated groups, but between those who respect faith and those who cannot stomach others holding it.

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  1. Wayne mitchell

    I am a pastor in Boston who happens to be white. I just posted your interview with Chicagoan activists. Very powerful. You might enjoy my comments about it. I invite you to be my Facebook Friend. I share your burden concerning the destruction that crony capitalism mixed with socialism is wreaking upon the inner city of America. My heart breaks for the youth ,especially , who are being crushed by the ruthless, selfish policies of socialism. May The Lord , who loves justice, triumph over every vain philosophy!


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