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We all know the red state, blue state infographics (i.e. graphics) but what happens when you turn to twitter to show you who’s tweeting more about beer vs. church? (And is this something we need to do to begin with–a question for another day).

It turns out, when this analysis was unleashed San Francisco, CA, jumped to the top of the list as the city where the most tweeters mentioned beer vs. church. On the other hand, Dallas, TX, had the most church mentions relative to beer.

The data were collected June 22-29, 2012, using twitter’s geotagging feature, by the website:

This map clearly illustrates some fairly big regional divides (more on that in a bit) but it is worth drilling down a bit to see how this plays out at the local level.  San Francisco has the largest margin in favor of “beer” tweets (191 compared to 46 for “church”) with Boston (Suffolk county) running a close second. Los Angeles has the distinction of containing the most tweets overall (busy, busy thumbs in Southern California). In contrast, Dallas, Texas wins the FloatingSheep award for most geotagged tweets about “church” with 178 compared to only 83 about “beer.”

See for yourself:

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