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November 3, Occupy Chicago sheep attended Governor Scott Walker’s breakfast speech at the Union League Club downtown. They obviously went with the intention of blending in until Governor Walker was addressing the room.

They interrupted Governor Walker with an obnoxiously loud “mic check” and began to yell over him in their repetitive zombie chanting.

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Coincidentally that same night, Illinois conservative think tank “thinker” John M. Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute addressed a crowd  at the Taxpayers United of America dinner. Tillman has recently come under fire from conservatives across the country for his ridiculously out-of-touch op-ed in the Chicago Tribune, in which he described his encounter with the Occupy Chicago protesters as “delightful.” During his speech he remarked on the need to be a good listener, and how he has always had a strong ability to listen. And, he claimed, that’s what he was doing during his “delightful” encounter, listening….

Well that’s just dandy isn’t it? Does it look like these occupiers have any interest in listening to anyone?

They don’t, and, as was clearly demonstrated by their juvenile behavior, they certainly don’t deserve to even be given the time of day by anyone with half a brain.

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