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Now this is getting interesting. It look likes James O’keefe is going to be occupying some time in U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder’s head. In this latest voter fraud video from Project Veritas, a young white man enters Eric Holder’s poling place in Washington, D.C. and is offered Eric Holder’s ballot to vote with no ID. Later in the video, the same young man tries to enter the Department of Justice without ID, but he is denied entry.

It’s hard to find a better example of how new media is the most effective tool in the war on progressivism. This might make Holder a little “furious.”

H/T: Breitbart.TV

[vsw id=”P5p70YbRiPw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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  1. el polacko

    holder’s response is that this event was “manufactured”…well, DUH. how else could they be caught in the act of handing out a ballot to just anybody ? if a ‘real’ voter came in, got the ballot, voted and left, nobody would be the wiser…which, i guess it the whole idea, isn’t it ?

  2. Joshua

    I really like what you guys are doing here at Revelpundit. Keep it up. keep exposing the reality of today’s world with videos like this.


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