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Thursday night in Chicago, Atlas Shrugged producer Harmon Kaslow was on hand for a private screening of Ayn Rand’s classic novel, set to hit 300 screens across the country tonight. Rebel Pundit was fortunate enough to get an invite to preview this sure to be historic film.

We are pleased to announce, the film sticks true to the book, and was very well done. Kaslow explained the production of the film was run a low budget of just $7 million, and the difficulties of bringing Rand’s epic story into an hour and a half film. Long days of shooting and converting the story to a movie format was quite a task, but we feel at Rebel Pundit they did an excellent job. You probably won’t recognize many actors in the film and we believe this was a brilliant decision, as the characters are very believable, especially Hank Rearden, Dagny Taggart, Ellis Wyatt and Wesley Mouch.

Kaslow discusses making the film.


As in the novel, the beginning is quite a bit of character development, but as the plot thickens, so does the quality of the film. To see Rearden’s metal laid on the land, the John Galt Line make it’s first run at blazing speeds, and Wyatt’s burning oil fields, was exceptional and brings you right back to the book. We highly recommend heading out to the see the movie this weekend, and bringing your friends. Kaslow hopes to have the movie on 1000 screens by next weekend, and is already receiving requests to bring the movie abroad, from as far as Argentina, India, and of course Rand’s place of birth, Russia.

If you still haven’t scene the trailer, watch it here: Movie Trailer

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  1. Rodger Padgett

    Wow! Saw the movie this weekend (in a theater in NJ no less) and while the showing I sat in on was not sold out, I think the crowds will only get bigger. Great Cast, true to the book plot, very well done and very well recieved by those in attendance. I look forward to Part II and III.

    “Who is John Galt?”


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