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#OccupyChicago: thousands of anarchists, union members, and Democrats–and not one American flag.

Just like the Tea Party!

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) was on hand. She addressed a mob outside the Hyatt Regency Chicago, where some activists apparently attempted to disrupt a meeting of the Mortgage Bankers Association. She then led them in one of five feeder marchers that combined into a sea of pot-smoking, bongo-drumming, flea-infested dreadlock lunacy outside the Art Institute of Chicago.

We caught up with Jan, and asked for her thoughts on the patriotism of the protest, since we could not find one American flag in her parade of nearly 1000 liberal loons.

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    This is what her husband dreamed of when he was writing that progressive playbook while in prison .

  2. David Mahelr

    So, you’re not patriotic unless you blindly wave a flag? Come on, there’s more to patriotism than flag-waving. True patriotism is action to prevent the demise of the democratic values that this country was built on, not mindless jingoism.

    • Kristi

      Perhaps it’s time you take the protest to DC…to Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Pelosi secured a green energy stimulus loan for her brother law for millions…Maxine secured a TARP bailout check for her husband’s bank..and Obama is still in bed with Wall Street and Goldman Sachs….just more proof the protests are clueless and being led to slaughter by union thugs and George Soros…and I might add: George Soros was recently found guilty of insider trading in Europe AND the union employees are paid nicely by the people on Wall Street, so you’re basically attempting to destroy more middle class, hard working Americans..who are also union employees…because the taxes Wall Street pays also pays for teachers, police, firefighters..and ultimately the union bosses…DO YOU SEE THE CONNECTION OF STUPIDITY HERE?? This ‘crisis’ protest was created by union bosses, Soros and Obama…don’t forget those bad mortgages that were written by Goldman Sachs were all paid for by the taxpayers..meanwhile Obama has many of the thieves from Goldman Sachs working in his administration. Don’t forget Rahm…he, too, is in on the scam created by the big spending/big interest politicians..again..the sheep being led to slaughter…now do you understand why the MAJORITY of the country doesn’t support you?? Direct your protest according, otherwise you look foolish.

    • Illhunter

      WHat if you wave the flag with your eyes open? With the belief in the system that grew from revolution to become the beacon of freedom in the world. That the flag migt be a reminder that we are a union of states, based on thirteen original colonies and that our demonstration would be in acordance with the laws and conventions set up in the country. A civil protest, not a bunch of mindless turds without a clue.Now you try again with the “blindless jingoism” bumper sticker!

    • Diane

      When will you wake up to the fact that this is not a Democracy? We are a Representative Republic. The Socialist, leftist, Marxist want you to believe it is a Democracy because all those (isims) can bet conjoined into a Democracy. Nothing about this radical nonsense will prevent the demise of this Republic, in fact it is pushing it over the cliff.


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