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Alderman Joe Moreno was once very happy taking political donations from local bars and restaurants, and their staff, and keeping his hipster ward happy by supporting things like food trucks. Up twinkles!

Then, he got it into his head to take a bold stand against the U.S. Constitution when he attempted to block a private company, Chick-fil-A, from opening a location in his ward because he disagreed with their religious views. Up twinkles! Er…. (And: Illegal!)

Even those on the left cringed. A piece on referred to it as a “dangerous free speech attack.”

And since then he has been derided by the more savvy lefties who realize Moreno’s dumbcluck move put them all in jeopardy. And there’s the irony of his crusade for fair competition for food trucks.

Don’t expect many in his ward to care, they’re like a great number of the more privileged Chicagoans who, like those in Moreno’s gentrified ward, are content to relinquish rights in exchange for things like “protected” bike lanes for the 1 percent, live music festivals, and someone hipster enough to take to twitter to tell them all about it.

Up twinkles!

In the meantime, Moreno is lapping up all the Chicago media attention. He’s changed his twitter profile pic to a fawning cover Red Eye put out about the scandal.

Moreno’s five minutes, need we remind you, come at the expense of Chicago, at the expense of our freedoms, and at the expense of the poorer people who used to live in Moreno’s ward, before it was gentrified. Those who need jobs and not a music festival, hope and not a handout.

But by all means, Moreno, keep on keeping on. You’re representing Chicago Values at their finest.

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