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In Sunday’s business section of the Chicago Tribune an article by Becky Yerak warned that the feds are looking into the affordability of auto insurance.  Expansion into control of school bake sales will not satisfy the appetite of the ever-expanding state.  For that we should be happy.

It is safe to assume that charging habitual poor drivers, those who live in high car theft areas or high litigation counties or young drivers higher rates will be deemed discriminatory.  Although the choices in car insurance seem nearly limitless, some may see the need for an affordable auto insurance act.   More people are coming to understand that when the government uses the word affordability you want to watch your billfold/purse.

This new quest may add to liberty-loving people’s gloom and doom of the last few years.  Witnessing an expanding state with a congress that seems helpless and tolerates a barrage of bureaucrats, who without consequences, perjure themselves or withhold information, coupled with the surrender of many large corporate interests to cronyism by snuggling up to the safe teat of state dependency is depressing.

Given the public’s mood, I believe we should welcome the statist’s appetite for control as a boxer allows a dazed opponent to his feet.  From a political perspective the scrape on our ear is mild compared to condition of our opponent.  Whatever melancholy liberty advocates feel it must be mild compared to an assessment of affairs from the other side.

An anti-free market, pro-state, internationally apologetic President was elected with filibuster-proof majorities six years ago.  Other than a banking regulatory bill and stimulus bill that have produced the slowest economic recovery in history, the health care bill is the only significant piece of legislation.  If we were predestined to be encumbered with leftist leadership, thank God it is incompetent.

The erroneously named affordable health care act is a disaster on nearly ever level.  But for future policy implications, could any freedom advocate possibly envision a more graphic demonstration of the inherent ineptitude of government?  The experiment into expanding state control will reverberate in people’s minds for a generation like an experiment with a new mousetrap that bit the hand of the user.  Politically, how would you like to be in the position of the statists trying to sell their next pet government expansion project, taking over car insurance or whatever?

Add to the graphic incompetence of the state the credibility of the media, heavily invested in the current leadership, continues to deteriorate by any measure of public opinion, thus jeopardizing its influence in the future.  We have cause for celebration.

In order to impede a midterm disaster the statists are reduced to a threefold strategy.  Scare the base by talking about the President’s upcoming impeachment, which is akin to scarring the navy into putting a fleet in Lake Erie to impede a Western Hemisphere version of the Loch Ness monster. No serious Republican is discussing it.  Scare women by embellishing a court ruling which exempts some corporations from covering a few contraception methods to a general assault on women’s access to healthcare.  The third and fallback argument is trumpeting exaggerated consequences of global warming (whoops-climate change) that are theoretical and few people have on their list of concerns.

Feel good, alternatively how would you like to be reduced to making the above arguments for a continuation of your policies?

Have a fulfilling and profitable day,

W C (Bill) Augustine






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  1. Dick Bjornseth

    Well observed Bill, and well stated. Indeed, federal government mandated (including the terms of such insurance) for auto insurance is indeed the next step. And to make certain that you are good driver, they will give you incentives (discounts) if you GPS monitors on your car so they can determine when you are speeding etc. All in the name of keeping insurance rates reasonable for their new “Affordable- Car Rate Act Policy – that’s A-CRAP. Hope that Obama supporters enjoy more A-CRAP.


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