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It was another rough week for the residents of Chicago with 17 murders resulting from shootings. reports there have been 80 shootings in all since July 1. 68 of the shootings and 14 deaths occurred over Independence Day weekend.

Hey Jackass 30 day murder trend

According to the Chicago Police Department Crime Statistics Portal, shootings are up in the windy city 6% from 2013 year to date with only 9 fewer murders at 171. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel released the following statement in response to the weekend violence:

The number of shootings and murders that took place over the holiday weekend is simply unacceptable, and points out that we still have work to do. The solution does not just include policing – although we’ll continue to look for ways to put more police where they’re needed. We also have to give our young people alternatives to the street, and as a community we need to demand more of ourselves and our neighbors. This violence is unacceptable wherever it occurs in our city and all of us need to take a stand. The only way we will meet this challenge to our future is to join with one another and create a partnership for peace.

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